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WorldOfWarships4 - Saga of Giulio Cesare

In interest of detailing the entire history of this ship to the best of my ability, I decided to make a post dedicated to that. Similar to my previous post detailing all the buffs that I could find for premium ships in the past, it is meant to inform the player base and give them concrete facts, rather than recollections and assumptions.

August 29th, 2017: Giulio Cesare is announced as being added to ST.
upcoming tier v italian premium battleship giulio cesare - Saga of Giulio Cesare

After being added to ST, many CC's recognize that the ship is extremely strong (likely OP) as it performs extremely well in ST.

September 27th, 2017: WG adjusts/nerfs the ship for another round in ST in recognition of its strong performance. It gets its dispersion nerfed greatly, from 138m to 226m, about 63% greater dispersion.

October 2nd, 2017: WG thinking they perhaps nerfed the GC's accuracy too much overall, tweaks the sigma from 1.5 to 1.9 to help it out:

I cannot find any further mention of tweaks to it before it is released on October 20th, 2017, LWM's Gudbote review here:

Very soon after the GC's release, it is recognized by the player base as being an extremely powerful ship:

I myself did a stats analysis against the other 2 BB's that were removed for being overpowered, the Nikolai and the Konig Albert, only a month after the GC's release. My analysis there showed that it was definitely in the same OP territory as the Nikolai and KA:

November 29th, 2017: With the above statistics and community reaction above in mind, barely a month after the GC's release, WG inexplicably buffed the GC, increasing the torpedo damage reduction from 19% to 30%.

In December of 2017, GC was available as a reward in the Santa crates and was also given out as a returning gift to returning players whose accounts had been inactive for a set period of time.


January 17, 2018: GC inexplicably received another buff from WG, it received Reduced arming threshold for AP main gun shells to 53mm and for AP shells from secondary battery to 20mm.

June 1, 2018 After going on sale several times, it went on sale for the last time that I could find in the summer of 2018. you can see that the player base was surprised that the ship had gone back on sale as it was still perceived by the player base to be OP and many thought it had been permanently pulled from sale:

December 2018: GC is available again in the santa crates and is advertised as being one of the rare ships available with them.

February 5th, 2019: WG announces testing for moving the GC to tier 6

The following is my views alone and is separate from the unbiased, verifiable data above:

So in conclusion, this is what WG has said regarding nerfing or buffing premium ships:

Quote: No ship will ever be immune to balancing. We are interested in keeping balance maintained for both our paying players and our free-to-play players. Just because you have purchased a ship, you should not have native benefits over a tech-tree ship. We have maintained this from the beginning, we are not interested in becoming a heavily pay-to-win platform.
So does this make the GC a guinea pig? Yes and No. While yes, this is the first premium ship we are assessing and testing direct changes to (again they are still WIP at this stage and subject to change), this does not mean this will lead the way to all premium ships being adjusted "just because we can". The GC is not the first premium to be adjusted since release, 3 CAs were heavily affected by Smoke changes previously. We only intend adjust ships (Buffs and Nerfs), when there is significant data and sentiment that they are over/under preforming after their release. This means, if a premium ship needs a buff to be aligned within its tier and peers this is also possible to occur.

With the bold part in mind: Why in the world did WG buff the GC twice after release, when all the stats available to the player base and the player base perception of the ship was that it was OP??? How in the world was it underperforming???? Why in the world were buffs given out at that point and then a year later the realization occur that the ship is OP and should be dealt with?? How does this make any sense??? How did they not recognize that the ship was OP shortly after release? Why did they continue to sell it nearly a year later? Or did they recognize the ship was OP and actually have no clue what they are doing?

I still agree that OP ships should perhaps be rebalanced, but only with cash as the reimbursement, especially when they have continued to sell a perceived OP ship for much longer than they should have and used it as a marketing tool due to its strength.

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