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Secondary rebalance suggestion

WorldOfWarships5 - Secondary rebalance suggestion

I am one of those crazy people that will go with a FULL secondary build on every French and German BB since I prefer the up front brawling playstyle, but even though it is fun to play like that it is rarely effective to do so simply because you have to give up basically everything in order to have AFT+IFHE+Man Sec.

I know you could give up IFHE for CE but after some testing the direct damage your secondaries do can easily triple thanks to the penetrating damage they can now do.

I don't want secondaries to become brokenly powerful, but I would like to see their effectiveness increased to were it is actually worth running a full build for them.

  1. The 60% bonus for Manual secondary accuracy needs to go down to T5 and up, those low tier BB's have enough working against them, plus the range is so short it won't break the game to just gain some consistency with your secondaries. Plus some low tier BB's honestly need the buff in order to become fun to play *Cough* PeF *Cough*

  2. Have the bonus for Manual secondary accuracy go up to 80% for T9 and T10 ships. The high tiers is were it is simply the most painful to run full secondaries due to he long range HE cancer meta we are currently stuck in so normally your secondaries are firing at near their max range in these high tier battles so a larger accuracy buff would help land more of your shells.

  1. Have the Manual secondary skill automagically move your AA sector around so the most damage will always be directed at the Squadron you have marked, this will free you up to focus on evading the drop and fighting other ships than messing with moving your AA around and trying to keep the planes on the right side of the ship.

  1. This is my final suggestion and probably the most controversial…. Outright remove CE as a perk and a module and just balance ships around what you want their detection to be instead of FORCING players to take the CE skill and module on every ship unless they want to massively handicap themselves.

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