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Myself and my boi Spooks were rollin in our double Massachusetts div yesterday. He is spec'd BFT/AFT/IFHE, and I am spec'd BFT/AFT/IFHE/ManualSec. We were trying to figure out whether or not manual secondaries actually produces more damage in the majority of situations.

From Gameplay we do not have a definitive answer; although it does SEEM like his build is the better choice. Reasons:

  1. Secondaries do not fire at all in ManualSec spec if you do not notice that a ship is in range and click on it. Some other squirrel has your attention at that moment.
  2. ManualSec can only shoot at 1 enemy at a time. This is a big deal.
  3. Say you have a DD focused with your ManualSec and that DD keeps going in and out of detection. The DD happens to be your biggest threat at the moment so you keep it focused instead of switching to other boats in range. Inefficient.

My divmate's secondaries were firing at everything in rage all the time (which is waaay cool to watch by the way), and while I was concerning myself more with picking the right manual targets, he could focus a manual target whenever he got around to doing so.

What are your thoughts/experiences with manual -vs- automatic secondaries on a boat like Mass or Bis/Tirp/Kurry/All/Repub ? Which type is most consistently effective in most situations?

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