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Semi-serious proposal for a new Russian cruiser!

WorldOfWarships1 - Semi-serious proposal for a new Russian cruiser!

I have an idea for the stupidest possible Russian cruiser: the tier X premium cruiser Stepan Novikov.

It is based on the historical Russian Project X cruiser. They actually thought that sounded cool and it's shameful that they did. Perhaps Vin Diesel was working for the Reds the whole time…

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I chose the name based on Stepan Novikov, a Czech grenadier who intervened with his spear to save Alexander Suvorov from the Turks at Kinburn.

So, the main gimmick of this ship – meant to carry twelve 240 mm guns – is going to have to be that those guns are dual-purpose, front-loading a massive amount of long-range AA damage.

Crunchy stats first.The ship has a hit point pool of 63,000. It's a lot, because the ship is huge, but at the end of the day it's on an overgrown Kirov hull. She also is plated all over with 25 mm plating. Her belt armor is a huge, exposed 140 mm citadel covering. The athwartships are 110 mm thick. The ship also gets random 50 mm troll waterline plating and extra internal 70 mm bulkheads between turrets for no reason other than to troll bounce AP shells.She can make 33 knots. Not at all fast for a high-tier cruiser. Turning circle is 900 meters and rudder shift time on her twin drift rudders is 12.0 seconds. Just dodge. Anyway, Stepan Novikov's surface detection radius is 15 km.

So, about those guns! First off, they fire against aircraft out to a 7.6 km range. They generate four bursts, in a 3 + 3 arrangement. The reason for those outside bursts is based on my personal experience in AA ships – the flak that is the most likely to actually hit planes is the flak fired to the left and right that they will run into while dodging all the flak aimed directly at them. Uniquely, they take 8 seconds to reload instead of the usual 5. This is actually possible, given that each ship has its own flak reload value, but in practice it's 5 seconds for every other ship.

The ship's main battery reloads in 16 seconds. Cramped turrets make everything difficult. Her guns have 2.0 sigma and Russian heavy cruiser dispersion. They fire an AP shell that deals 6,600 maximum damage and an HE shell that deals 3,200 maximum damage with a 24% fire chance. The ship's HE gets 1/6 diameter penetration – 40 mm without IFHE and 52 mm with IFHE. Stepan Novikov can fire her main guns to a distance of 18 kilometers.


Those flak bursts, while they don't come up in huge numbers, are on the level of Sankaidan shells. Each burst hits planes for 2,200 stock damage per second and stays up for 1.5 seconds. This is, by design, meant to burn through armored strike aircraft. Also, that flak all has a burst size of 1.2, allowing it to catch a lot of aircraft at a time.

Now, the auras on that AA are a little worse than the flak. The shrapnel emanating from the long-range aura hits for 58 raw damage per tick with a 100% hit rate, giving a DPS value of 200. Some of that damage is also from the four single 85 mm 90-K mounts, one on either side of the fore bridge structure and one on either side of the rear bridge structure. To break it down, each functioning main battery gun turret adds 11.0 damage to the total, and the 85 mm automatic mounts add 3.5 damage per second each.

By the way, the 85 mm guns work as secondaries, firing an O-365M shell that deals 1,200 max damage (really 400 in practice at most) and with a 4% fire chance. Their range is 5 km.

At medium range, the ship's AA is composed of a massive dual mount concentration amidships of twelve quad-barrel 37 mm V-11 mounts, six per side, with the Star-Destroyer-level dual mount spam starting abaft the forward 85 mm guns and ending ahead of the aft 85 mm guns. In addition to a giant row of eight dual mounts per side of the gun between the 85 mm guns, there are additional single mounts on the ship's superstructures on either end and mounted on either side. The ship is equipped with twenty twin mounts of this weapon, each dealing 4.5 damage. This gives a total aura damage of 90, with a 100% hit chance for 310 DPS.

As for danger-close AA, it's composed of four dual 25 mm 4M-120 mounts between the turrets dealing 3.0 damage each and eight single DshK mounts on the bow and fantail dealing 0.5 damage each for an aura damage of 16, a DPS of 55 and a hit chance of 90%.

You may have noticed that this differs from the historical drawing. It's okay, because Wargaming.

Anyway, the ship has torpedoes in two triple launchers on the stern where you will have to open yourself up to immense citadel damage to use them. They are 53-36 mod. 2D deepwater torpedoes, with a 7.5 km range, 65 knot speed and dealing 14,400 damage with a 288% flooding chance. They are detected at 0.9 km and can't hit destroyers.

Also, she has Radar to 12 km, Hydro to 3 km, and DFAA with unlimited charges and only a 25% continuous damage boost like Stalingrad.

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