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(SemiShipToast)Time to call it quits?

WorldOfWarships6 - (SemiShipToast)Time to call it quits?

Before you read on, be advised, this is a semi-rant with some logic mixed in.

I started this game back in 2016. Playing this game was a long time dream for me, since, I only had a potato PC back then, all I could do was drool over Jingles' videos. Finally, I got a decent PC, jumped onboard and started playing.

It was tough back then, as a f2p player, I went through so much disappointment when I got killed and sent back to port. I didn't have premium time nor could I afford to spend anything on the game. But slowly, I learned from my mistakes, and understood the game. I learned to think about what my ship could and couldn't do and to pick my fights. I sat through and watched games even after I got killed to learn from skilled players on my team.

In a fashion, this game taught me to gauge things and look for strengths and weaknesses, not just in game, but in so many other scenarios. I went through an important phase in my life playing this game, and I will never forget the impact it had on my life back then.

Once I graduated and got a job, I was able to spend more on this game that I loved. I never felt remiss spending on this game when I remembered the countless hours of fun this game gave me.

I play all ships except CVs. Back when they were RTS, I was never good in them, and it did not feel fun being on the receiving end of a co-ordinated strike from a good CV player. Since CV games were so rare back then, I could sort of live with the occasional game where I watched my team crumble and get violated by a unicum CV.


Now, after the CV rework, it all just went to total sh*t. I played nothing but ranked when the patch went live. Once I ranked out and got kicked out, I went out and tried playing randoms. No matter what ship I played, I was fu**ed over by a CV. When I went out on a flank to exploit an opportunity, I got plastered by the CV. When I tried capping, I kept getting reset and focus fired upon by the blobbed up enemy team. I understood that I had to change my playstyle and stick with my team to survive.

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But this playstyle didn't amuse me. Long slugfests where teams whittled each other's HP down from 17+ KM gunnery, everybody stayed angled all the time and the CV slowly chipping away at us without ever risking his ship were cringeworthy.

I slowly realized that the time has come to move on. I'm not blaming the CV rework for my decision. I have reached a phase where I don't want to adapt to a meta that I do not enjoy.

Good bye WoWS, it was hard, but I understand that I can no longer have fun playing this game.

I would appreciate suggestions on new games to try, I am a fan of WoWS & CoH.

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