World of Warships

Sequential AA, Torpedo Bomber Repair Party, and the forsaken GZ.

WorldOfWarships3 - Sequential AA, Torpedo Bomber Repair Party, and the forsaken GZ.

Let me just get this out of the way– sequential targeting of AA was the right call. It makes it a lot easier to balance later, and makes AA a lot more reliable. There were other ways to address this issue, but this isn't a bad solution at all, and is a step in the right direction.

Acknowledging that, this systems change has completely broken the repair party on torpedo bombers, and it has obliterated the last bastions of viability from GZ in particular. It's not much of a secret that after the rework GZ immediately went from right hand of an angry god to right paw of a sassy corgi. It could sort of blitz through AA with its speed, and then that got obliterated with the last systems change of boost. It could still sorta manage its plane losses, but it was only really good as a top tier since it could flex harder with its speed than other T8 CVs and its awful plane health didn't matter as much, but now it gets torn up consistently even by moderate AA with its paper planes and the new system, and it simply completely lacks the reserves to do anything about it. Worse yet, you could at least get some mileage out of your torpedo bombers thanks to the repair party giving them some second wind, but with the sequential AA change, repair party now heals 1 plane for 10% of its health for 5 seconds. This means that the repair party on all CVs is basically worthless, but again using the GZ as an example, it heals ~150 health per second for 5 seconds. You can, functionally, very slightly mitigate incoming AA DPS for a few seconds. Three times a match, on a three minute cooldown.


Obviously, along with the balancing, repair party needs a dramatic rework for planes across the board, or removal and compensation, but GZ especially desperately needs a lot of love. The flimsiest planes with the greatest average number of attack runs per squadron (meaning you have less damage per attack and need to stick around the target even long to get anything done) was already silly, but it's become a cruel joke with the AA changes.

Again, to be clear, sequential AA should stay. It has way more benefits for overall game health and comfort than detriments. But it's hard to overstate just how badly it has wrecked many CVs, and some in particular. I've seen some talks of health buffs or plane regeneration buffs here or there but not seen one mention of plane repair parties or poor GZ, the CV whose gimmick is fast planes the best artillery. Something's gotta give.

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