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Shells landing short on stationary targets – possible explanation

WorldOfWarships1 - Shells landing short on stationary targets - possible explanation

I imagine many of you know about the bug where your shells tend to land low on stationary, broadside targets. It's most noticeable on when playing a battleship, and firing at a beached, stationary cruiser.

I think I've found a possible explanation of this bug – I think this behavior is caused by a misaligned UI element.

The first two pictures are aimed at the Kremlin's waterline with the tip of the aiming reticle. As shown, the circle showing if the guns are loaded is slightly misaligned with the "chevron". Similarly, the circle on the minimap shows my aim being too low.

5xg1pjegxb351 - Shells landing short on stationary targets - possible explanation

Aiming at Kremlin's waterline with the "chevron"

And the result. The majority of the shells land short

Compare the previous salvo with another one, this time aimed with the "loading circle".

Aiming with the "loading circle", seemingly too high

The result – semi-reliable citadels (after all, it's still Kremlin)

Screenshots above were made during preliminary tests (and the further results weren't as drastic), but further testing seems to suggest that the effect still exists. In those tests, I've fired 12 salvos from 15 km into a broadside Kremlin from both leg Yamato, and accuracy-build Georgia.

On average, shots fired when aiming with the chevron were less likely to hit: only 7.4% of all shots (8 total) fired were citadels, compared to 13.9% (15 total), when aiming with the loading circle. The damage was also higher (12k per salvo – chevron, 20k per salvo – circle).

On the Georgia it was harder to score citadels, but the difference was still there: 4.2% (3 cits total) when aiming with the chevron, 6.9% (5 cits total) when aiming with the circle. The difference in damage was also there (8k per salvo – chevron, 12k per salvo – circle).


It's worth noting that the difference in damage can't be treated as a proof of the bug here – by aiming too high I might be less likely to score citadels, but more likely to score upper hull full pens.

Another proof that the aiming chevron is misplaced is in a way the distance to the ship is measured. As you can see from the picture below, the distance to the ship isn't measured properly, until the chevron is quite high on the upper armor belt. However if you consider that the distance is measured to the middle of the reload circle, the distance to the ship is shown exactly when the circle touches the ship's armor belt.

When measuring the distance to the ship, the placement of my reticle on the ship doesn't matter – as demonstrated by the last screenshot.

Measuring distance to a Kremlin

Another thing you might see: the chevron isn't aligned with the "waterline line", while the circle indicator is. I am using a mod here, but I think the bug might still exist in the base game version. The difference is only ~100m – smaller than the dispersion ellipse, but still noticeable.


Okay, but all those words still don't explain why the same thing doesn't happen when your target is moving.

The simple explanation: it still does, you just don't notice it. When you're shooting at a maneuvering target, it's easy to mistake a few-pixel misalignment of the UI for a bad shot. Not to mention, if your target is maneuvering, sometimes even a perfect shot won't hit, since your target has changed course.

What do you think? I'd like for someone to try to reproduce my result – probably someone with more patience than me 😛

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