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Ship Proposal: HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën

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HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën

I know that most of you are probably getting tired of these kinds of posts, but I promise I actually put effort into this one. These posts are just thought exercises, so don't take them too seriously.

The De Zeven Provinciën is an interesting cruiser. She has the firepower of a Tier 9 cruiser, the Anti-Aircraft defenses of a Tier 10 cruiser, but the durability and hull of a Tier 7 cruiser. Some proposals I've seen place her as low as Tier 6, but most place her at Tier 8. I will discuss in this post how I think she could make for an interesting Tier 9, and why.

As for how players will be able to get her, I would like for her to be the tier 8 or 9 in the Pan-EU CL tech tree, but she might very well be added as a premium ship instead.

Sources linked below.


The HP I got when I put the displacement into the formula was 32700, which is quite bad. BUT, most CLs at this tier range have their HP bumped up by a few thousand. Worcester, for example, should have 43300 HP using the formula, and the Colbert should only have 31400. For these reasons, I will bump her HP up to 36700, which is still not good.


  • Belt: 50-76mm
  • Citadel Deck: 20mm
  • Deck: 30mm
  • Turrets: 125 or 100mm faces, 50 mm sides.
  • Conning Tower: 125mm.
  • Nose Plating: 25mm

First of all, you could probably get away with running the AA survival upgrade on this cruiser. The turrets are basically indestructible. I don’t think any other light cruiser has better turret armor.

Secondly, while the 75mm belt might seem terrible at first glance, it's actually not as bad as it seems. Why? Well, consider that the De Zeven Provinciën’s beam is 17.25m, similar to Smolensk’s hull (17.25 vs 16 m. beam), and the belt armor is only at most 5 mm thicker than the Smolensk. What this means is that the De Zeven Provinciën can simply show flat broadside to most BBs and some cruisers at medium to close range and force overpens. That being said though, the ship still doesn't have that much HP, so it is still best for the player to avoid getting shot in general, whether that be through island humping or through skillful use of rudder.

This cruiser is also prone to overmatch, due to the poor vertical protection, and poor firing arcs forward. The 25mm plating will bounce super-cruiser shells if angled, but most BBs will punch straight through. The belt armor implies that the cruiser has a stepped citadel, like the RN Cls,
tw920zkuqkm61 - Ship Proposal: HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën

but the actual blueprints say that it's nearly at the waterline, so who really knows?


– Speed: 34 knots.

– Rudder shift: 6.7 s.

– Turning Circle: 690 m.

It’s ok. Turning circle and rudder shift times are actually quite good. The DZP was designed for only 32 knots, but since she managed 34 knots in her speed trials, we'll go with that number, for balance's sake.


– Detectability by Sea: 13.7 km.

– Detectability by Air: 8.52 km.

This ship may be smaller than most cruisers in the game, but this ship’s superstructure is the definition of a 5head- it's massive, and the antennas and radar equipment tower high above the ship. With the concealment upgrade, CE, and a camo, the concealment drops to 10.8 km, while the concealment by air drops to 6.9 km.

Main Armament:

4 x 2 Bofors 152mm kanon m/42

– Rate of Fire: 15 shots/min.

– Reload: 4 seconds.

– 180 Degree Turn Time: 21.9 seconds.

– Base Firing Range: 17.1 km.

– Maximum HE shell damage: 2200

– Fire Chance: 11%

– HE Shell Penetration: 30 mm.

– Maximum AP Shell Damage: 3100

– Pen Angles: 60-75 Degrees.

– Shell Velocity: 900 m/s.


The Bofors 152 mm were fully automatic and dual-purpose, capable of elevating to over 60 degrees. The gun had dual ammunition hoists which supplied AA (HE) and AP shells at different rates (15 vs. 10 RPM). So for HE shells, DZP gets its maximum fire rate of fifteen rounds per minute, giving the DZP exactly 264,00 HE DPM, the highest in her tier (20k more than Seattle, the current highest.) But for AP shells, it can only manage a fire-rate of ten rounds per minute, giving it a AP DPM of only 248,000, lower than the HE DPM. This is made up for by having RN Light Cruiser pen angles on the AP, making them more reliable. The good range on the DZP can be owed to the advanced and modern fire control systems on it, and the height of the rangefinders, making up for the poor concealment.

The Bofors 152mm/53 fires an HE shell with a similar weight to USN HE shells (101 vs 104 Lbs), but with a faster shell velocity (812 vs 900 m/s). This means most players will find that they can land shells relatively comfortably out to 17 km with this ship, but the firing arcs will likely still allow the player to fire over islands. The AP shells also are fired at 900 m/s, but are lighter than AP shells fired by most of the other cruisers, meaning they would a lot of their speed at range. The firing angles to the front are fine, but are worse when kiting. The playstyle of the De Zeven Provinciën would most likely be of a mid-to-long range HE spammer because of its weak armor but great firepower, and lack of torpedoes; using it's great rudder shift and turning circle to bait and dodge shells.


4 x 2 Bofors 152mm kanon m/42

4 x 2 Bofors 57mm/60 M50

8 x 1 Bofors 40mm L/70

  • Base DPS: 106/632
  • Range: 6.9/4.0km.
  • Hit Probability: 90%
  • Number of Shell Explosions in a Salvo: 5
  • Damage by Shell Explosions: 1870

Yes, the 152mm guns are also DP, capable of elevating to 60 degrees, and were radar-guided.

I still have no idea how AA DPS is calculated, but I made a rudimentary guess using AA values from other Pan-EU ships. (Each 40mm L/70 mount is 47 DPS, and 57mm 67 DPS, that formula gets you 329 DPS on Oster, 282 on Friesland, and 347 on Halland all of which are their actual AA values give or take. so (47×8)+67+4)=632). It's almost certainly NOT how they do it, but its only a guess.

The Halland, with only 6 40 mm and 1 twin 57 mm, gets about 347 mid-range DPS, so it makes sense that the AA values here would be insane. The mid-range AA values are significantly higher than even the Minotaur’s, although the long-range AA isn't quite as powerful. With the new +20% AA DPs skill that you can take on cruisers, and the AA module, the DZP can potentially reach over 800 mid-range AA DPS. The 57 mm guns also bump the mid-range AA to 4.0 km, like on the Halland. Carrier players will quickly learn to stay away from the DZP.

… I feel like WeeGee’s not gonna let these values slide. It's fun to fantasize about, but these values will never make it into the game, unfortunately.


Standard DCP

  • 4 x Repair Party
  • Action Time: 28 s.
  • HP Per Second: + 0.66%
  • Reload Time: 80 s.

In order to make up for the low HP pool, the DZP will get a slightly improved Repair Party, like on Colbert and Austin.

3 x Hydroacoustic Search

  • Detection of Torpedoes: 3.5 km.
  • Detection of Ships: 5 km.
  • Action Time: 100 s.
  • Reload: 120 s.

Having DFAA on this ship would be funny to see, but I think having the highest mid-range DPS in the game is enough for this ship. Still, the cards are on the table for DFAA.

This ship will not get a radar either, if the game wasn't already so oversaturated with radar, I would probably have proposed that, but as it stands right now with every premium ship coming out getting a radar, this ship, and the game, does not need it.


hnlms de zeven provincien c 802 history and plans - Ship Proposal: HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën

Original Blueprints

Source: Original link

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