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(Ship Proposal) Tier 8 Japanese Aircraft Carrier Akagi

WorldOfWarships1 - (Ship Proposal) Tier 8 Japanese Aircraft Carrier Akagi

Well, I promised myself I wasn’t going to make more of these, but I am tired of making memes and need a change. I will try to be more creative with these proposals this time and don’t intend of proposing stupid and unneccesary ships that are difficult to balance (Musashi 44, Prince of Wales, Juneau, Saratoga etc). I also intend on adding more stats and history of the ships I propose, while cutting down on the number I make, as I cranked out 3 suggestions a day last time. But anyways, lets move on to the first ship I want to propose, the Akagi.

Akagi is one of the more iconic carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy, seing action during the Second Sino-Japanese War. She also saw action at Pearl Harbour, the invasion of Rabaul, the conquest of the Dutch East Indies, the Indian Ocean Raids and being the Flagship of the Kido Butai, until her destruction at the Battle of Midway in June 1942. But what would she be like in-game?

For a start, Akagi is 3,100 tons heavier than Kaga, at 41,300 tons at full load. Using the Health Pool Calculator for aircract carriers, which is 0.7311 x tonnage + 28253, Akagi’s HP is 58,400 HP, the highest of all T8 CVs. She also has thicker deck armour than Kaga, at 79mm, compared to Kaga’s 38mm.

Going onto planes, like Kaga and Shokaku, Akagi carries the A6M Zero in terms of fighters, but historically she had different Torpedo and Dive bombers. She carried Aichi D3A (Val) dive bombers, as well as Nakajima B5N (Kate) torpedo bombers. The D3A’s have a cruising speed of 160 knots and the B5N’s had a cruising speed of 140 knots. Her TBs are 2 knots slower than Kaga’s and Shokaku’s, but her bombers are far faster compared to the bombers on Shokaku and Kaga. The only bombers at T8 that are faster, are the Graf Zeppelin’s at 180 knots. Giving her these aircraft at T8 will bring variety to IJN CV’s at T8 IMO, as Kaga and Shokaku have the same planes, but with different stats.


Moving on to artillery, she has 200mm secondary guns, as seen on Kaga, but has four less. She also has two less dual 127mm AA guns than Kaga but does have three extra dual 25mm guns. In total, she has around the same AA as Kaga, but I don’t know if it’s better or worse than Kaga’s.

Onto maneuverabiliy, she clocks in at 31.5 knots, faster than Kaga’s 28 knots, but is still slower than most of the Tier 8 carriers. She is 43 feet longer than Kaga but a meter thinner. Therefore, I think she will have worse turning than Kaga, in turn for better speed.

Lastly Concealment, and Akagi is around the same height as Kaga, so I suspect she will have similar concealment to Kaga’s.

And that does it for the Akagi. I hope my proposal has entertained and please lend me your thoughts on her. I think she is a solid T8 ship and I’m aware she was the old T8 tech tree CV during Alpha, but since Georgia is coming, and that was an Iowa Prototype as the T9 tech tree ship during Alpha, I thought I may as make this and at least Akagi is more plausible than Shinano.

I am thinking of my next ship proposal being the SMS Seydlitz, since VU is at Tier 5 now. Should I go through with it? But until then, I shall see you later.

Akagi’s Tabular Record:

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