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Ship Spotlight: HMS Hood!

WorldOfWarships6 - Ship Spotlight: HMS Hood!

I don't think I really ever see the Hood discussed on this sub, and as such, I figured it would be good for a ship spotlight this week. I have played the Hood, I've done my research on the Hood and I'm good to go.


The Hood, when it was commissioned in 1920, it was the largest warship in the world and was an icon of the ever powerful British navy. The Hood was originally created because of the growing fears of the German navy during the 1920's. As with many World War Two, and interwar warships, it was built as a counter to another nation's set of ships, in this case the Mackenson class. Granted, none of those class ever came to commissioning. Just the threat edged the British to flaunt their naval might.

One of the most striking characteristics of the Hood is its speed. For a battleship it could reach a speed up to 31 knots. This speed would be used in the future to hunt down members of the merchant raiding fleets of the German Navy during World War 2.

The Hood was modernized twice in order to refit new technology as it became available and to potentially reduce her weight in order to make her sit higher in the water due to some of the construction to allow her to hit top speeds.

Thew Hood sported 4 double turrets of 380 mm guns that were similar to those that were on the Queen Elizabeth class. Essentially, the Hood became a faster version of the Queen Elizabeth and even shared some of her weaknesses with poor deck armor and poor magazine protection.


Most infamous about the Hood, was that she was destroyed while hunting the Bismarck, as the Bismarck landed several shells in the midship and started a fire near the ammunition of the ship, and the resulting fire and explosion kill almost everyone onboard. As a result, Winston Churchill made it of utmost importance that the Bismarck be sunk and it was at the end of May 1941.

In Game:

The Hood is a tier 7 premium ship that requires 9,700 doubloons to purchase. Personally, compared to the other premium British battleships, I'm not really a fan of the* Hood. The ship is just kind of… bland. The *Nelson has some weird quirks to it, and the* Warspite* is just a tank a tier lower.

The Hood does have a few things going for it. The straight line speed is nice and can really get you to the front or allow you to re position quickly. The actually health pool is the largest among battleships at tier 7.

I don't have too much more to add on the Hood because I have a hard time playing it since it is a pretty boring ship compared to some other premiums. I don't really have that want to play it.

If I'm wrong and it is the most fantastic thing to play, please let me know in the comments. Or if you want to yell at me about my grammar as well, thats fine, I probably deserve it.

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