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Ship Spotlight: Viva La France! Tier 8 Richelieu

WorldOfWarships7 - Ship Spotlight: Viva La France! Tier 8 Richelieu

At this point, as if my flair isn't enough, I hope that you salty seamen have realized I have a bit of a loving relationship with the French navy. In the past I've done some speculation posts about French ships that eventually came into the game The Richelieu, and one that I hope will make it in, the de Grasse and Colbert. Thankfully for me, a number of French ships have been added to the game since launch and honestly have changed things up by offering some very unique playstyles due to the turret arrangements and the speed boost consumable, as well as the reload booster on the French cruisers.

However, I'm not here to talk about the cruisers, or any of the other French ships. I'm here to talk about, arguably, my favorite World War II era battleship, the Richelieu. Since I recently got to the Richelieu in game, I'm finally ready to talk about it for more than just the history and can talk about the gameplay as well.

The History

Essentially following the basis of the earlier completed Dunkerque and Strasbourg the Richelieu featured a large 380mm armament based solely in the bow of the ship with secondary, smaller guns and AA were spread throughout the ship. Compared to the Dunkerque, the Richelieu was 10,000 tons larger and could sail about 2/3 knots faster. The Richelieu essentially was the Dunkerque, but everything was bigger and better.

However, one major thing to note about the Richelieu, was that she wasn't truly completed under the French flag. The Richelieu was moved before it was completed from Brest in France to Dakar, in then controlled French Africa. Before it rejoined allied forces, it was controlled by the Vichy regime until it eventually made it's way into Free French hands after fighting with the Battleship Resolution and Carrier Hermes. After that battle, the Richelieu made its way to New York, where she was eventually completed and joined with allied forces in Late 1944. Richelieu was scrapped in 1968.


** In World of Warships**

Now, I understand a lot of people in this sub have a notion to look at the statistics when they want to talk about ships. Looking at the sigma, krupp, etc… I'm not going to quite talk about that. Instead I'd like to talk about the Richelieu's gameplay and how it has been in the few games that I have had her.

I'll be honest, I haven't played the Richelieu as much as I would like. But it is a pretty fun ship. I did free xp the hull for the ship since I had the credits and xp available, but I did not upgrade the propulsion or the range. Overall, it reminds me a lot of how the American battleships play in that the Richelieu can be very tanky when bow on and easily damaged when showing its broadside. I do think that if you are showing the broadside with her, that you probably are doing something wrong. Having all of your main firepower in the bow means that you shouldn't even really rely on turning around and instead, just back up. in one particular game I played, I was able to fend off two battleships and a cruiser alone because I was able to hide my broadside the entire time since I backed up, my enemy did show broadside and I was able to force them wide while hiding my broadside with an island on one side.

One thing I haven't really been able to test out so far is using the speed boost consumable. Chasing down enemy ships hasn't really happened for me yet but I'm sure it could when you really get your team split up or towards the end of battle. I was surprised how punchy the guns can be and how long the range on the secondaries were for a ship that wasn't spec'd that way. It made it a little more fun when in close quarters.

So, tell me what you think of one of my favorite ships! How do you play her in game? How does she compare to her sister ship Jean Bart? Should I keep talking about the beautiful, floating baguettes?

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