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[Ship Toast] Weekly NA Stat Lowlights

WorldOfWarships3 - [Ship Toast] Weekly NA Stat Lowlights

Firstly, our syrupy benefactor took a week off delaying this thread. So we get this week's stats earlier than planned!

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Typical boilerplate: nothing here is serious, all is out of context. The numbers are real though.

The Strong

  • The Kamikaze is perfectly balanced leading the game with a 61.85% win rate
  • The Hashidate has become the most lethal ship in the game, upsetting the Erie with 1.97 average kills to 1.65
  • The Bourgogne is actually equipped with tactical nukes, topping the charts with 122k average damage
  • The Kidd has final been displaced as the top fighter aircraft in the game by the Enterprise, 8.14 aircraft destroyed to 7.97
  • The Yamato must have a tanker following it around, it was the most played ship on NA last week
  • The Stalingrad and Bourgogne are the best T10 ships for winning at 58.76% and 56.55% respectively
  • They are also the best for killing other ships
  • Stalingrad and Worcester have the most effective T10 AA
  • Carriers are able to survive T10 battles most of the time, 74% survivability and up
  • Neuteredshima Neustrashimy caps the most bases
  • Indomitable continues to fire bottle rockets into its own cap
  • Some crazy bastards actually tried to make the Tachibana do well (106 battles). While they came in second on win rate, those tennis balls and pool noodles just aren't that effective
  • Yub-Yub continues to foil carriers at T4 with 5.66 average plane kills
  • Imperator Nikolai rules T4 with an iron fist. Top in tier damage and win rate
  • The Dreadnought did more average damage than the Fletcher
  • The Giulio Cesare continues to the perfectly appropriate at T5 while out damaging the Friedrich der Grosse and the Iowa

The.. not

  • Fuso players picked up reading glasses at Walmart, unfortunately, they got the wrong prescription. Up to 19.48% hit rate
  • The Nicholas and Wickes continue to have trouble floating. Both are under 15% survival rate
  • All ships T3 and up did more damage than the Nicholas. 14.8k average damage over 15k battles
  • All ships T4 and up did more damage than the Farragut. 16.3k average damage over 11k battles
  • The G-101 can't decide if it wants to win or lose: 1.84% draw rate
  • Two people unfortunately tried to play the Diana. It didn't work out. 37.5% win rate
  • The Crapacola still can't kill anything, 0.42 average kills (even the Omaha does better)
  • Everything that isn't a CV at T10 explodes. (Survivability: BB, 46% and under. CA, 44% and under. DD, 37% and under)
  • The two Iwaki Alpha guys drank a bit too much this time around, losing almost 60% of their battles
  • The Fletcher did less average damage than the Dreadnought (bet you didn't see this one coming)
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