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Shippy Stories Presents: Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 1): BN 7

WorldOfWarships4 - Shippy Stories Presents: Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 1): BN 7

Hello guys. It's been a while since I wrote a story here but I needed time to complete this project. Once again, we will delve into the stories of historical non fiction. Yes, I'm writing about the historical naval battles around the Indian Ocean just like I did with the Pacific,Atlantic, and Mediterranean. If you are new, the battles are represented in an objective perspective where each ship has some sort of personality and can communicate with each other. It also has some mystery narrator who won't reveal herself until the last chapter.

Also as a note, most of these battle recaps are pretty short as this theatre of war didn't have as much action as the others. I used whatever info I could gather. I'm also doing only surface battles so subs don't count unless they work in tandem with something like a destroyer or larger. Anyways, here is the first part of the series. It involves the Battle of Convoy BN 7. Enjoy!

Narrator: Hmm? You’re asking me about what went on in the war? Oh, only the Indian Ocean operations. Usually I’m not the one to ask about this topic, but I guess I can try to recall the events around there during the war. I’ll even try to talk about what I did there as well. I guess we’ll discuss the first battle there that happened during the war. The first one I can recall happened around the Red Sea…

October 20, 1940, Red Sea

Leone: We just got word from our aircraft. A British convoy is attempting to make a run up the Red Sea and we are the ones to stop them.

Pantera: We should move out right now and intercept. I heard their escort is light.

Francesco Nullo: Are you sure this is a wise idea? We’ll run out of fuel soon enough due to our poor strategic position.

Nazario Sauro: It will be fine. We are all very quick so we can get this mission done and over with by the next morning.

Francesco Nullo: Well, I guess it’s worth a shot.

Leone: Remember, if you see them, tell us.


Pantera: I see smoke up ahead. That must be the convoy.

Leone: Yep, that’s them alright. Permission to engage granted.

Pantera: Sauro, I’m moving up ahead to intercept. Get Nullo to launch a torpedo run as we corral the ships.

Nazario Sauro: Affirmative! Will support with a torpedo launch.

October 21

Kimberley: It’s dark out. It’s going to be very hard to see and we have to watch out for the Red Sea Flotilla.

Auckland: It will be fine. The Italians aren’t the best and we should be far enough to avoid their zone of engagement.

Leander: I’m sorry to report the news to you lads, but I see smoke from two ships coming towards us, bearing north.

Auckland: Hold on a second. Two destroyers spotted 4 nmi away! Leander, try to intercept!

Leander: Hey I’m the one doing the orders. Anyways, I’m altering my course to intercept them.

Pantera: I’m closing in to strike.

Auckland: Back off. You have to get through me.

Pantera: Am I being challenged? Hmmph. Fine, let’s fight!

Pantera fires over Yarra

Yarra: Whoa! My lifeboat got a little splinter damage. Auckland, can you not have me between the crossfire!?

Auckland: Sorry. There isn’t much time and I need to hold her off. Returning fire!

Yarra: I am supporting!

Pantera: Damn, the resistance is fierce. I better pull back.

Auckland: I’m turning away a bit.

Yarra: She’s getting away. I’ll fire a few more rounds.

Pantera: Firing torpedoes!

Yarra: Torpedoes ahead. Turning in to avoid them.

Pantera escapes the engagement

Yarra: I may have hit her.

Francesco Nullo: We are in a favourable position. Drop some torpedoes towards that cruiser.

Nazario Sauro: I’ll fire a torpedo.

Leander: Enemy destroyer spotted. Firing guns!

Leander dodges some torpedoes

Leander: I almost got hit by those. Luckily those Italians have poor aim.

Nazario Sauro: Damn, the firepower is a bit strong. I’ll fire some more torpedoes and retreat back to base.

Leander loses Nazario Sauro in the engagement

Leander: Damn, where could she be?

Francesco Nullo: My rudder was temporarily jammed. I lost sight of you Sauro. Sauro?

No response

Francesco Nullo: Damn, I don’t know where she went. I guess I’ll turn towards Harmil Island.

Leander: I’ve ceased fire. I’ll head northwest for a prepared intercept. Auckland, try to stay with the convoy.

Auckland: Wilco!

Francesco Nullo: Oh crap, I’m being pursued. Better fire back before it’s too late.

Leander: Who could that be firing those tracers? Lucky me, I have some starshells.

Nullo is spotted

Leander: There you are. Opening fire!

Francesco Nullo: Damn, I better pull away at full speed.


Leander: Target lost again. I’m heading westward and using my searchlight.

Nullo is spotted again

Leander: I won’t let you get away.

Both ships trade fire, but Leander hits the destroyer several times

Francesco Nullo: AAARRRRGGHHHH!!! That hurt like hell! My gyrocompass and gun director are knocked out.

Lenader: The haze caused me to lose vision again. If she is going in this direction, I will continue the pursuit.

Francesco: Luckily my engines are still working so I can still pull away.

Leander notices a destroyer near her

Leander: Show yourself! I got all mys guns aimed at you.

Kimberley: Whoa, hold your fire. It’s me, Kimberley!”

Leander: Oh it’s you. Why are you out here? I thought I ordered you to protect the convoy.

Kimberley: You didn’t specifically order me. Permission to pursue?

Leander: Granted. I’m way out of the formation and she is a fast one. I’ll leave it all up to you.

Kimberley: Thank you. I promise to make it back.

Later near Harmil Island

Kimberley: I spotted the enemy destroyer.

Francesco Nullo: Who is that? Is that Sauro?

Kimberley: Opening fire!

Francesco Nullo: Crap, More hostiles. I better return fire.

Kimberley: Run away as much as you want, but the Royal Navy will always be here.

Francesco Nullo scapes against a reef

Francesco Nullo: Dammit, not now!

Kimberley disables Nullo

Francesco Nullo: I guess this is it. Maybe I can run myself aground.

Kimberley: I won’t let you get away.

A torpedo from Kimberley splits Nullo in two

Francesco Nullo: dying sounds

Kimberley: Enemy destroyer sunk!

Leander: Good work Kimberley!

Harmil Battery: Nullo, we will avenge your death. Our guns will sink that destroyer.

Kimberley: Aw, I’m being shot at. Returning fire. Hopefully I can silence those guns.

Harmil Battery: We lost 2 guns. Can anyone hit her at all?

Kimberley takes a hit

Kimberley: Oof! I’ve lost most of my engine power. I’m moving away from the battery at 10 knots. Leander, could you provide assistance?

Leander: Roger that. I’ll help you get in tow. Please try to stay out of the range of the guns.

Kimberley: I’m 19000 yards out. That should be a safe distance.

Leander: Good. I’ll circle around to provide useful AA just in case, then I can tow you back to port.

Kimberley: Thank you.

Leander: 3 Italian aircraft above us.

Italian bomber 1: Proceeding to drop bomb.

Leander: Whoa, that was a close one.

Italian bomber 2: My turn.

Italian bomber 3: Let’s hope I get a hit.

Leander: Both of those bombs missed but luckily they were duds. The Italians are hopeless in this campaign.

Italian bomber 1: This isn’t the last of us. We’ll be back!

Kimberley: Sky is clear. Let’s return to the convoy.

Felix Roussei: Woooo! Thanks for protecting us Leander! You did a mighty fine job for us.

Leander: Thanks it wasn’t much, but I’m glad you guys are safe.

45 Squadron Blenheim 1: We found a wreck of an Italian destroyer. Let’s make sure it is really dead.

45 Squadron Blenheim 2: Roger, bombs away.

Francesco Nullo is further destroyed

Leander: Alright, looks like Kimberley will need some repairs once we reach port.

Meanwhile at Massawa

Leone: Where is Nullo?

Sauro: I have been reported that she has been sunk.

Pantera: That is a shame. We will continue to do disruption operations but I don’t know how long that will last for us.

Narrator: And so, the Italian Red Sea Flotilla continued their operations which had little success. It wouldn’t be long before the Allies capture all Italian held territories in East Africa. At that point, the Red Sea Flotilla had to be disbanded as the war in the Indian Ocean continued…


Alright that was chapter 1. Don;t be too disappointed as the next 3 chapters come around. They are all single ship actions which are short and boring. I promise things will ramp up when Japan gets involved in the conflict.

Oh and guess who the narrator is. It's a ship of course but which one. It could be one from either the Allies or Axis. The identity will be revealed on the last chapter.

If you want to read in to my terrible works of fiction, I have this thing called the Kitakami Chronicles. But right now I'm working on the non-fictional works.

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