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Shippy Stories Presents: The Kaga Saga (Chapter 1): Electric Boogaloo

WorldOfWarships7 - Shippy Stories Presents: The Kaga Saga (Chapter 1): Electric Boogaloo

Hello humans. Today is a day for me to post one of my new works of warship fiction. It features a carrier so I know this story will be downvoted to oblivion. It also doesn't help that this is a sequel to my first and everyone knows sequels are worse than the original. But, I'm still going ahead with this anyways as I have other works of stories to unload and dump here. If you want context of this ridiculous plot, I have the full story of the first set right
183971974 the kaga saga - Shippy Stories Presents: The Kaga Saga (Chapter 1): Electric Boogaloohere. Well, here goes nothing. Enjoy it please.
Have a warshipball cover art.

The scene opens up in a secret lab in Okinawa operated by the Yamato Space Program. Here, Yamato and her lead engineer, Yubari, were testing another one of their ludicrously insane technology projects. Today, they were doing tests on a portal to another dimension. Why they were doing this, nobody knows. Maybe it’s for resources or exploration, but we all know that it might be a waste on tax money funds. Regardless, they were going to work on this portal anyways. Lots of energy was put into the device and for a short second, there was a burst of bright blue light. However, the machine immediately shorted itself out and the test was again a failure.

“Another failure ma’am.” Yubari reported the results.

“This is the 5th straight failure. I doubt we have enough energy for a sixth.” Yamato sighed.

“Well I think the machine needs more parts. Looks like something broke and we need replacements.”

“Yeah, looks like another shopping trip. I’ll go with you and oversee what we need. Yukikaze, would you kindly look after the place while we’re gone?”

“Sure.” The destroyer naturally said while working on some spreadsheets. When the two left, the electronics on the portal gate started to act up. Something was going on but Yukikaze did not notice as she was busy doing her work.

Meanwhile, back at the home islands of Japan, it was night time and a destroyer was making an escape after a bank robbery. The police could not catch up to her as she was too fast. But when she thought she could get away from the authorities, she was dead wrong. Something did not feel right, and just when she thought she was in the clear, a noise burned through the silence. A lone plane swooped by and gave the poor destroyer the chills. Fear crept up to her and she panicked almost immediately. She tried to make a run for it and did whatever she could to hide behind obstacles but she had no way to escape since she was always spotted. Suddenly, the plane made another pass and disabled her with a drop of a bomb. There was no way to run now. The last thing the destroyer saw was a pink cherry blossom painted on the fuselage of the craft. It was a symbol of fear and the destroyer knew this was a character not to be messed with. Soon more planes arrived and swarmed the destroyer.

“It… it can’t be.” The destroyer mumbled.

Soon enough, a carrier sped up and blocked the thief’s path.

“Stop right there, criminal scum!” It was Kaga, the carrier who went on a treasure hunt, only to end up as a superhero.

“Oh no! Please don’t kill me! I’m sorry I won’t do it again.” The destroyer pleaded.

“So it’s you, Minekaze. Maybe you should think about your actions, in jail! Take her away!”

The police boats appeared from behind Kaga and apprehended Minekaze. Another job well done for this new hero. Ever since her grand adventure around the world, Kaga’s life has changed. Now she has super powers which she can only use for good. A year had already passed from that journey. Plus, the money she received from Captain Kidd had helped. With that cash, she was able to upgrade herself to having an angled flight deck, catapults and a new set of planes.

When she got home to rest, I-168 greeted her at the dock.

“Arf arf!” The submarine cheered.

“Did you miss me? Mama Kaga did a good thing today.”


“Yes I did well. Now who is a good girl? You?”

“Arf! Arf!”

Kaga tossed a large inflatable beach ball for the submarine to play with before going to the dry dock to rest. She was glad she could use her powers responsibly as she promised to the former Captain Kidd. The next morning, while Kaga was looking around for new aircraft to recruit to her hangars, her best friend, Akagi, came by for a visit.

“Hey Kaga. Did you hire the new set of planes for our next exercise? Oh and nice angled flight deck you got there. Looks like the money you got was put to good use.”

“Yes. I recruited some new aircraft and this one fighter looks promising for my main fighter flight.”

“Cool, I packed a new compliment myself. I have a full spadron of Shindens.”

“Hopefully they won’t get in a nasty argument with my fighters. RIght Sakura 0?”

“Hey it wasn’t our fault her previous fighters were badmouthing us. Plus, the ‘Suits’ always act so cocky.” Sakura 0 defended.

Then, Yamato and Yubari arrived to Yokosuka and interrupted the carriers’ conversation.

“Hello there Kaga. It’s been a long time since we met. How are things going?” Yamato greeted.

“Things have been going great. Thanks for letting Sakura X keep his laser pod. He’s grown quite attached to it. So why are you here?” Kaga asked.

“Oh just getting new supplies for my latest invention. Yubari is headed for the supply depot to pick them up.”

“What are you making?”

“Um, I’d rather not say…”

Just when Yubari returned from her purchases, planes were spotted over the horizon. Something wasn’t right and Kaga had a feeling it wasn’t a pleasant surprise. The planes were all painted black and while they looked like Zeros and Kates, their roundel was in gold rather than red. Cargo vessels were then bombed and the sirens went off. They realized they were under attack.

“What is going on?” Akagi was shocked.

“We’re under attack. Quick, launch the fighters or else we are dead!” Kaga stated the obvious.

“Hey I thought I was the leader.” Akagi was confused.

“Eek! I’m booking it out of here!” Hatsuharu screamed nearby.

“Get back here you coward! We need you to provide AA support right now.” Kaga advised.

“Damn, who is behind all this?” Yamato wondered.

Kaga launched her famed Sakura Squadron but most importantly, her lead flight, the Pink Sakuras. They represented her 4 top aces which included her veteran A6M8 ‘Sakura 0,’ an experimental Kikka with the callsign ‘Sakura X,’ another experienced A6M4 with the callsign ‘Sakura 2,’ and the new member, an A7M named ‘Sakura ∞.’ Akagi launched her Shinden (all fictional carrier based Shindens because this story does not make sense if you question it) Squadron with her lead flight nicknamed the “Suits.” These 4 planes represent the 4 aces: Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds.

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sakura 0 and I will be your captain. You can also refer to me as Zero, Zeke, Zed, Captain, but I would love it if you called me Teacher. You’ll be flying under my command rookie. Be sure to wear the pink cherry blossom with pride.” The ace introduced himself to the newly recruited Sakura ∞.

“Yes sir. Do you know who those planes that took off from Akagi are?” Sakura ∞ asked.

“Those planes are part of the new Shinden Squadron. They are our rivals so make sure we score more kills than them.”


The Pink Sakuras went to work and shot down several planes in the confusion of this unknown surprise attack. Kaga then ordered everyone to retreat from the port as staying there is too dangerous. Before they left, Kaga hurried to bring a couple of very important supplies aboard. She took the important treasures she gathered from her previous journey which were the Wooden Bucket of Everlasting Oak, the Silicon Chip of Knowledge, the Neverust, and most importantly, the Golden Shell of Justice. I-168 quickly followed her out.

“Damn the who port is engulfed in flames” Sakura 2 noted.

“Mikasa can’t get out of her concrete prison. We have no choice but to forget her.” Sakura X observed.

“Quit gawking and start shooting. Let’s get out of this alive.” Sakura 0 ordered. The fighters fought their way through out of the mess. Sakura 0 complimented Sakura ∞’s skill in taking out the bandits. He was exceeding his expectations for sure.

“Move.” The lead plane of the Shindens flew by.

Sakura 2 was taken aback by the rude behaviour.

“Hearts to Spades. The misfits got in ahead of us.”

“Yeah thanks for the opening act. We’ll take over from here.” Spades said.

The Shindens then proceeded to take down many of the enemies as well. Sakura ∞ couldn’t help but notice Heart’s ability to knock out a row of bombers in a single pass. She was pretty good but Sakura 0 told him to keep focus and get the carriers out to safety.

“All suits, ignore these clowns and proceed with your mission as normal.” Spades ordered.

“Destroy more targets than those elite fools, Sakura Squadron. I want you to be the best out there.” Kaga encouraged them.

The enemy planes were easy kills and the impromptu carrier fleet made it out of the harbour. However, they were not in the clear yet. They noticed some ships painted in black and while they looked Japanese, but they were hostile to them. Who were they?

“This is it. It’s over.” Hatsuharu felt defeated.

“It’s time for Sakura 0’s ace seminar 101. Hey rookie, you got any bombs loaded? If you do, try them out sometime. They’re pretty useful.” The veteran ace told Sakura ∞.

“I actually do. Let’s try them out on that black destroyer.” Sakura ∞ answered.

The Reppu made a dive and dropped his bombs on the ship and sunk it immediately.

“Very good. You pretty much did my ace seminar 102 lesson which was to get in a good position to attack.”

“Thank you Teacher.”

“At this rate we’ll get Sakura 0 Jr. The last thing I need is Zero and his clone yelling at me in stereo.” Sakura 2 joked.

“I wouldn’t expect a clone. Aces come in a shapes and sizes. Right Kaga?”

“You could say that.” Kaga replied.

Suddenly a carrier appeared out of nowhere. She was coloured in glossy black with white accents around her. She also had a familiar silhouette. Kaga stared at her as she launched another squadron of planes.

“Kaga? Why does that carrier look like you?” Akagi compared.

“Good question. Why am I looking at myself?” Kaga was confused.

“There are aircraft in the sky. Get the fighters to shoot them down.” Yamato urged.

“This is Spades. The suits will take care of them.”

“They’re gonna steal all our kills.” Sakura X complained.

“Use your laser. Slice them up now. It’s time for Sakura 0’s ace seminar 103. Rookie, you gotta be hungry. Whether you are elite or not means nothing. You perform in battle, you get to reap the rewards. That’s just how we operate. Never let them take your prey.” Sakura 0 continued to lecture the trainee.

Sakura ∞ then proceeded to knock another 5 planes out of the sky. The old veteran ace was quite impressed. The Shindens were having none of it and attempted to one up the Sakuras.

“Sorry Cherry Blossoms.” Spades jested.

“Whoa, hands off man.” Sakura 2 was offended.

“Oh you’re still there? Huh. I figured the Reppu would’ve been off to his next target by now.” Spades subtly joked.

“I’ll take that.” Hearts said as she chose her targets.

“Hey I don’t need any babies stealing our candy.” Sakura 0 was annoyed.

“Shouldn’t you be in a museum by now?” Heart commented on the old Zero.

“Heh, good one.” Sakura 0 laughed it off.

“Hearts, quit wasting your time with those guys.” Spades ordered.

“Call themselves cherry blossoms huh?”

“Curious about the Sakuras, Hearts?

“Nah, was just expecting more from them.”

“Yep, just a flight full of mish mashed planes. Try not to mess up the pace here, all right?”

“Ugh. They beat us once in kill count and now they think they run the place.” Sakura 2 complained.

Kaga told them all to shut up. Now with the air threat eliminated, Kaga began to confront… herself?

“Hey you over there! Who do you think you are? Why do you think you can get away with all of this?” Kaga called the mysterious figure out.

“Me? Hehe… Well allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kaga and my people found a way through that portal your battleship friend made.” She introduced herself and pointed to Yamato.

“Kaga? Wait, are you an evil version of myself?”

“What makes you say I’m the evil one? I’m just here to expand my territory as my universe is undergoing a shortage of resources. My people look up to me and view me as a hero and all powerful leader. To me, you are an enemy.”

“You can’t do that. Forcing yourself on others is not right at all. Also what did you do to my lab!?” Yamato wanted answers.

“Oh, you mean that beautiful island of yours with the portal. Don’t worry, your friends are in good hands.” The Evil Kaga made a bubble appear and showed what was going on there live. From the view, everyone could see the island of Okinawa captured by the dark forces and Yukikaze being held captive. The portal was also active and heavily guarded.

“No! Yuki! Don’t worry, I’ll get you out!” Yamato shouted for her care of the destroyer.

“She can’t hear you.” Yubari tried to calm her down.

“I don’t care. They got a hold of my weapons and imprisoned one of my best scientists. When I find them, I will kill them.”

“Well first you have to fight through me.” The Evil Kaga taunted.

Yamato being infuriated fired all her guns in anger at the carrier but suddenly, the Evil Kaga disappeared in a blink. Apparently, she had teleportation powers. A power that not even the real Kaga had. All planes landed on their carriers and it seemed the battle was over. Yamato however was still upset.

“Damn it! I will get to Okinawa even if it will kill me!” Her anger was rising.

“Yamato, snap out of it. We need to be rational about this. We will withdraw from this area now. I feel like we need a lot more allies if we want to take that island back. I know a few and I think they will be our best bet.” Kaga gave a good reason.

“But… alright. Don’t worry Yukikaze. I will return for you. I wonder where the other staff are.” Yamato accepted.

The provisional fleet agreed on what to do and Kaga lead everyone towards Sasebo.

“Everything is set in place Kaga. War is about to begin.” Akagi mentioned.


Hooray, you finished the first chapter. I plan on releasing these chapters randomly because I have plans for chapters where you the reader will have to vote on a choice later down the line. I also am planning a new non fiction mini series between these posts too. Anyways, see you next time.

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