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[Shiptoast] Late Weekly Stats Lowlights Thread

WorldOfWarships5 - [Shiptoast] Late Weekly Stats Lowlights Thread

Welcome back to the major new network of World of Warships where lots of words are said and nothing of consequence is discussed!

This week we're going back home to NA to look at last week's disappointments. Next week is bound to be interesting with the AA changes..

As usual, stats
index - [Shiptoast] Late Weekly Stats Lowlights Thread

sourced from here and not analysed correctly at all. I can imagine my grad school professor having a heart attack if I was doing this back then. Then again, he took sleeping pills at night and Red Bull all day…
  • Tier 10 damage ranged from 133k on the BourgorKing to a measly 38k on the Z-52
    • For reference, this is about the same average damage as the Gremy, Kamikazes, and Orion
  • Khaba is back to being the top damage dealing DD at 65k

  • The Georgia was the most played ship on NA last week by both player and battle counts
    • 2136 players, #2 had 1162 O_o
    • 33901 battles, #2 had 16752
      horry sheet
  • cover1 - [Shiptoast] Late Weekly Stats Lowlights Thread
    WG's response

  • Proposal: Equip low tier US DDs with the Grunt Birthday Party Skull as they merely exist to explode anyway
  • T3-5 US DDs are in the bottom 9 ships sorted by survival rate
  • The "best" one is the Clemson at #9 with a survival rate of 16.82% – over 11.5k battles…

  • The RC-cola once again takes the least lethal ship in the game spot at 0.39 kills per battle
  • Somehow the Mikasa is ranked #134 out of 312 ships for average kills
    • Do remember that you simply have to stay 5km from a Mikasa to effectively neuter it
    • That's more average kills than 9 T10 ships
  • The gentlemen's tier is again well represented: The top 4 most lethal ships are all T1

  • The two Diana captains last week accidentally kept loading in on the wrong team: 35.09% win rate over 31 battles
  • The four Varyag captains weren't much better: 36% win rate over 64 battles

  • The Farragut was out-damaged by the Diana Lima
  • The Asashio has less effective AA than the Friant

  • Le Terrible did not live up to its name. #3 for T8 DD damage, only outdone by a couple of anuses

  • Russian BBs are perfectly balanced
  • Russian BBs are in the top 3 battleships at every tier except 9, where the Sovetsky Soyuz is #4

  • Want to give CVs a big FU in game? Buy an Enterprise!
  • Want to give CVs a slightly smaller FU in game? Buy either Massachusetts!
  • ThismessagebroughttoyoubytheWGPremiumShop
  • Sadly, the Kidd has fallen to #7 on plane kills. Let's give the poor guy an F

  • The Fuso continues to be blind
  • 3 ARP ships are hot on the Fuso's heels, well… they think it is the Fuso, they can't see it clearly either

Have ideas for a theme? Got a ship you'd like to see specifically made fun of "analysed"? Let me know in the comments


IRL Stuff (feel free to ignore): found a hospital ~390 miles (6778 km) away that will do the same procedure as mentioned last time. Next couple weeks will be crazy with tests and surgery, but then we'll be stuck at the hospital for 3 to 4 months until the baby is born. So expect these to get spotty for a little while, then I'm gonna have a LOT of free time on my hands, after that, I won't have any for 18 years

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