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[Shiptoast] Weekly Stat Lowlights – Asian Server Mk.2

WorldOfWarships2 - [Shiptoast] Weekly Stat Lowlights - Asian Server Mk.2

After thoroughly sticking my foot in my mouth last week, we're back with what I'm good at being bad at – looking at numbers and making fun of things.

No one really seems to care too much about having a guide on which ships to grind to raise your PR at every tier, so I'm not going to go into as much detail this week. Back to the Cliff's Notes of Mediocrity! That said, I will finish what I started, and as such, we're looking at the Asian server today!

As usual, stats from here and taken way out of context

How to let the other team win by default, a guide:

Play the following ships:

  • Katori: Other team wins or draws 62.78% of the time
  • Southern Dragon: Other team wins or draws 62.78% of the time
  • Medea: Other team wins or draws 62.18% of the time (370 battles O_O)

How to help other players grind faster, a guide:

Play the following ships:

  • T1 – Bougainville: 38.87% survival rate
  • T2 – Sampson: 21.33% survival rate
  • T3 – Wickes: 16.73% survival rate
  • T4 – V-170: 16.46% survival rate
  • T5 – Podvoisky: 17.4% survival rate
  • T6 – Molotov: 21.08% survival rate
  • T7 – Mahan: 21.39% survival rate
  • T8 – Le Terrible: 23.79% survival rate
    • T8 Dishonorable Mention – Derpitz Black: 24.69% survival rate
  • T9 – Friedrich der Grosse: 28.51% survival rate
  • T10 – Harugumo: 31.44% survival rate
    • T10 Dishonorable Mention – Grosser Kurfuerst: 31.5% survival rate

The red team thanks you for your service.

John Wick Award goes to:

  • Erie with 2.11 kills per battle. Square up bots.

  • Pensacola doesn't believe in finishing off the enemy: 0.39 kills per match
  • Only one person likes the Koenig Albert
  • More people play the Bourgogne than the Yueyang
  • The top 6 AA ships are all T8 US premiums
    • The Kidd maintains its superiority
  • Bourgogne players on the Asia server need to stop. 141029 average damage
    • That's average damage for 729 battles
  • As usual, the Fuso has the lowest hit rate in the game at 17.45%
  • "Upgrading" to the Farragut gets you an additional 300 damage per game (up to 16753!)
  • The West Virginia 1941 is #37 in game for average damage
  • Giulio Cesare is #40
  • Imperator Nikolai I is #50
  • For comparison, the T-22 is #292
  • The Koenig Albert did more damage than the Z-52
  • Neuteredshimas continue to live in the enemy's base with 61.29 base capture points
  • The Tachibana is the premier base defender with 21.15 base defense points

That's all for this week. Remember, at least you aren't a Fuso.

If you have an idea or theme for the next one, feel free to suggest it!

IRL News, run now if you don't want to break the immersion: These might get a little more sporadic in the weeks to come. Just found out last week that my not-yet-born kiddo has spina bifida. The wife will be undergoing surgery to try to correct it in utero in a couple weeks. Unfortunately, that means travelling 1,100 miles (or 1,770 km) to get it done. So, we'll see what happens

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