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[ShipToast] Weekly Stat Lowlights – Baka Edition, NA vs ASIA

WorldOfWarships3 - [ShipToast] Weekly Stat Lowlights - Baka Edition, NA vs ASIA

All hail the Spreadsheet. The bringer of balance and herald of memes.

This week we're looking at the NA and Asia servers. Which server loves loli's the most (and will get banned for it over on
Animemes - [ShipToast] Weekly Stat Lowlights - Baka Edition, NA vs ASIAr/Animemes)? Which server is full of yanderes in carriers? Which has the most tsunderes in battleships who are thankful for AA support but refuse to admit it? Who is confused and disgusted by all these terms? Let's find out

As usual, weekly stats pulled from here, and taken largely out of context.

Overlord Tier – "Applaud my supreme power!"

  • The Ainz Ooal Gown Bourgogne takes top place on both servers for another week in a row with over 120k average damage on both
  • On NA, the Megumin Conqueror is the only other ship to break 100k damage
  • On Asia, all T10 CVs, Conqueror, Stalingrad, and the Indomitable (yes, the T8 premium CV) also top 100k damage
  • Of note, on NA, the Indomitable fell back in line with the rest of the T8 CVs. Still strong, but average as far as its peers are concerned

  • Up next season: "In another world with my AIRCRAFT CARRIER"

    • Carriers either took top damage, or are on par with the top performers at every tier that they are present outside of T4
    • This is painfully present on the Asia server
    • Possibly need to be nerfed like Saitama's animaiton quality whenever he realizes that he is missing a sale
  • Screen Shot 2018 10 25 at 11.02.15 AM - [ShipToast] Weekly Stat Lowlights - Baka Edition, NA vs ASIA
    The Imperator Nikolai I did more average damage than the Iowa, Izumo, and FdG on NA and Asia

  • On NA, one guy in the Oleg used a Philosopher's Stone to achieve an 85.71% win rate

  • Three people on Asia did the same to get the Emden up to 84.52%

  • Thanks to those guys, I'm pretty sure we know what happened to the DD players…..

  • Enterprise average damage on NA was 66,666 oddly enough

Darkness Tier – Can't hit a thing

  • To absolutely no one's surprise, the Fuso still has the worst hit rate on both servers. Sub 17% on Asia. Darkness would be proud. Seriously, get closer people.
  • The Conqueror is sitting at 23% and 25% on Asia and NA, and everyone liked this
  • The Mikasa has a higher hit rate than 63 ships on NA and 122 ships on Asia. Mikasa best -kasa.

Also Darkness Tier – Loves to get hit by things

  • This week's NA abuse-bag is the Podvoisky with a Darkness-arousing 12.88% survival rate
  • The honor on Asia goes to the Aurora at 14.09%
  • While DDs have the overall worst survival rates at T10 as a class, the Grosser Kurfuerst is the most isekai'd T10 on Asia at 28.82% survival rate

That-One-Hot-Girl-in-Cosplay-at-a-Convention Tier – AKA most popular

  • In a fitting pairing this week, the Montana was the most played ship on NA and the Yamato was the most played on Asia
  • While it was a close race on NA, the Yamato had almost double the amount of battles of any other ship on Asia
  • That might explain the extremely high CV damage counts on Asia..

Macross Missile Massacre Tier – AKA it's going to be the Kidd isn't it?

  • Yeah, both servers, the Kidd killed the most planes again
  • At tier 4, Yub Yub reigns supreme!

Hmm Intensifies Tier – AKA the most observant boats

  • Surprise, surprise, CV's took top spotting on both servers
  • On both servers, the Neuteredshima took top non-CV spotting damage

Otaku Tier – Can't be bothered to leave home, either theirs or yours

  • Going along with all that spotting damage, the Neuteredshima also capped the most bases
  • On NA, the Indomitable's planes were too busy defending home to do damage, but took top base defense
  • On Asia, those Emden players from earlier apparently never left home

Aqua Tier – AKA Useless, but have you considered joining the Axis Order?

  • On both servers, the Farragut did less damage than some tier 2 ships at 16.4 – 15.2k damage
  • The Z52 is the lowest damage T10 on both servers around 35k damage per game
  • 3 of the 5 lowest win rate ships on NA are ARP ships
  • The Orlan on Asia pulled a depressingly impressive 29.54% win rate over 89 battles and 12 players
  • On NA, the Tachibana is officially a pacifist with an average kill rate of 0.33 ships per match
  • Also on NA, the Diana is legally blind, only 42 points of average spotting damage
  • On Asia, the Admiral Makarov did not defend a single base all week
  • Also on Asia, the Indomitable averaged 0.07 capture points
  • AR Beta still dreams of being a main character with AA guns, but it is never to be

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