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[Shiptoast] Weekly Stat Lowlights – Brexit Edition

WorldOfWarships4 - [Shiptoast] Weekly Stat Lowlights - Brexit Edition

Get it? It's an EU Breakdown. ha…..

Anyway, welcome back to the hall of shame. This week we're taking apart the stats from the EU server at each tier. We'll see the worst of the worst and compare them to the top dogs to see just how bad it actually is.

As usual, stats from here, and taken out of context–for the most part.

Tier 10the ongoing dumpster fire while all the good players are in ranked

Writes the Enemy Strongly Worded Letters Award:

  • Z-52 with an average damage of 36619
  • Runner up: every other DD and the Minotaur then the Khaba
    • Top was the Borgorking at 114087

Friendliest Ship Award:

  • Z-52 with 0.55 kills per match. Whoever said that the pen was mightier than the sword obviously never played WoWS
    • Top was a tie between Borgorking and Stalingrad at 1.16

Could be replaced by an empty player slot Award:

  • Z-52 again… with a survival rate of 27.13%
    • Top was Hellkuryu at 78.57%
    • Top non-CV was HIV at 47.52%

Daredevil (Ben Affleck version) Award:

  • Salem with 15712 spotting damage
    • Top was Audacious at 72663
    • Top non-CV was something called a Yueyang at 37847

Snarky European pop-culture reference about losing Award:

  • Also Salem with a win rate of 45.16%
    • Top was Stalingrad at 58.48%

At Least It's Not A Fuso Award:

  • Conqueror with a 25.1% hit rate
    • Top was Grozovoi at 47.64%

Tier 9The tier where you are either overpowered or worthless. No exceptions

Accidentally Loaded Tennis Balls Award:

  • Z-46, Yugumo, Fletcher, and Jutland all under 40k damage from lowest to highest
    • Top was Mushisushi at 82023 damage

Barney Fife Award:

  • Roon only managed to kill 0.43 ships per match
    • Top was Neuteredshima at 1.2

Forgot to Repair Damage Award:

  • Z-46 with a survival rate of 25.87%
    • Top was Azuma at 43.77%

Professional Vaper Award:

  • Neptune with a measly 12876 spotting damage
    • Top was Neuteredshima again with 43371

Invaded Russia in the Winter Award:

  • Roon losing most of its matches and getting a win rate of 46.56%
    • Top was Black at 54.76%

At Least It's Not A Fuso Award:

  • Alsace with a hit rate of 26.31%
    • Top was once again the Neuteredshima at 52.84%

Tier 8Maybe getting a break thanks to ranked?

WG Put Me in the Wrong Tier Award:

  • Loyang dealing a pitiful 21400 damage
    • Top was Saipan at 77518
    • Top non-CV was Vladivostok at 66806

The Literal Opposite of John Wick Award:

  • Admiral Hipster only killing 0.4 ships per match
    • Top was the Enterprise at 1.12
    • Top non-CV was the Massachusetts Black at 0.93

Leads by Example into Death Award:

  • The Z-23 survived only 22.68% of its matches and lead 6 other ships to early fates with sub-25% survival rates
    • Top was the Saipan at 78.74%
    • Top non-CV was the Mikhail Kutuzov at 41.83%

Left the Lens Cap On Award:

  • Mikhail Kutuzov refuses to let other people fire at its targets: 10666 spotting damage
    • Top was Enterprise at 48196
    • Top non-CV was Asashio Black at 29546

Invaded Finland in the Winter Award:

  • Also Loyang with a win rate of 44.82%
    • Top was a bunch of little girls HSF Harekaze at 57.69%

At Least It's Not A Fuso Award:

  • Goes to the Kii with a hit rate of 21.79%
    • Top was an anthropomorphic loli boat AL Yukikaze at 48.1%

Tier 7The Teenage Tier

Basically a Loyang Award:

  • Leberecht Maass with 21171 damage
  • Mahan, Jervis, Z-39, Blyskawica, and Sims also did under 25k damage
    • Top was Mushu Eastern Dragon with 65575

Uses Rubber Bullets Award:

  • New Orleans with 0.45 kills per match
    • Top was Mushu again with 1.12

Might as well be AFK Award:

  • Blyskawica with a survival rate of 19.56%
    • Top was still Mushu with 52.94%

Spots Like a Submerged Sub Award:

  • ARP Myoko – Because an ARP ship had to make it onto this list. 8818 spotting damage
    • Top was the Haida with 20346

Is Drowning in Tomato Sauce Award: (that's both an Italian joke and an stat color coding joke)

  • Duca degli Abruzzi at 43.65% win rate
    • Top was the one guy knocking it out of the part in the Eastern Dragon at 76.47%

At Least It's Not A Fuso Award:

  • Goes to the Fuso's oniisan, Nagato with a 22.33% hit rate
    • Top was the Z-39 at 44.99%

Tier 6Home of the Memes

Gets Out Damaged by Tier 2's Award:

  • It's the Farragut. Surprise surprise. 16918 damage
    • Top was the West Virginia at 71474
    • First CV on this list is at number 5

Why Can't We All Be Friends Award:

  • Tied between the Pepsicola and the Nuernberg at 0.4 kills per match
    • Top was again the West Virginia at 1.04

Has a Self-Destruct Button Installed Award:

  • It's the Farragut again at 17.4% survival rate
    • Top was the Ryujo at 72.69%
    • Top non-CV was the West Virginia at 54.07%

Stevie Wonder Award

  • Nuernberg with 8044 spotting damage
    • Top was the Ryujo at 29801
    • Top non-CV was the T-61 at 17752

Still One of the Worst Premiums Award:

  • Prinz Eitel Friedrich with a win rate of 45.75%
    • Top was another bunch of school girls HSF Admiral Graf Spee at 58.69%

It's the Fuso Award:

  • Obviously the Fuso. 18.01% hit rate
    • Top was the Shinonome at 49.67%

Tier 5If the original Naruto cast was a tier in WoWS

Can't Fight Out of a Wet Paper Bag Award:

  • The Emerald at 15223 average damage
    • Top was the Caesar Salad at 59734

Can't Tear the Bag to Let the Other Guy Out Award:

  • Omaha with 0.42 kills per match
    • Top was Kamikaze R with 1.38

Was Detonated by the Bag Award:

  • Nicholas with a 15.4% survival rate
    • Top was ARP Kirashima proving that not all ARP ships are at the bottom of a list. Some are at the back of the map with 54.35%

Won't Let Others See the Bag Award:

  • Kirov with 7383 spotting damage
    • Top was the Fujin with 21305

Lets the Other Team Win to Stop the Running Joke Award:

  • Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya with a 43.43% win rate
    • The Fujin supports bad jokes with a 60.66% win rate

At Least It's Not A Fuso Award:

  • It's just a baby Fuso – the Kongo with a 20.78% hit rate
    • The Fujin also knows how to aim: 49.89%

Other Disappointments

  • The Kidd reclaimed its throne as the premier AA ship with 7.97 planes per match
  • The Imperator Nikolai I was the most lethal ship on EU with 1.65 kills per match. It was followed by Tier 1 ships
  • The Emerald did less damage than the Tachibana
  • The Imperator Nikolai I was ranked #43 in terms of damage
  • The Tachibana had the lowest win rate at 30.97%
  • The AR Beta drops tier 4 plane kill averages by 4.2%
  • The Yubari raises it by 13.7%

The Hall of Shame

  • The Aurora and Katori had the lowest survival rates on the EU server: 4.69% and 7.88% over 42 and 26 battles respectively

Edit: No idea if this contains data from ranked or not. The site has a separate listing for ranked data, so I would assume it is randoms only

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