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[Shiptoast] Weekly Stat Lowlights – NA vs EU Edition

WorldOfWarships3 - [Shiptoast] Weekly Stat Lowlights - NA vs EU Edition

*Cue sleezy news anchor voice*

Tonight we look at those who succeeded, those who failed, those who should really just queue up in a CV to have a chance at surviving, and see how they compare to their European counterparts. Will the NA server prevail? Was the Boston Tea Party all for naught? HAVE FUSO PLAYERS FINALLY FOUND THE RIGHT PRESCRIPTION GLASSES?! All this and more after this commercial break.

As always, weekly stats pulled from here. Basically everything is taken out of context and no sample size has been respected. Moving on.

  • This week's Fun and Engaging Awards go to the Wickes on the EU server with an astounding 13.32% survival rate over 3000 battles. The runner up trophy goes to the Podvoisky also on EU at 13.42% over 2400 battles. NA's closest entry with any decent number of battles is the Izyaslav at 14.3% over 1500 battles.

  • An honorable mention goes out to the 3 NA savants in the Aurora who proved that you don't need to live to win battles: 12.78% survival rate with a 54.26% win rate over 31 battles

The Nerf Hall of Infamy is happy to welcome the following ships this week:

  • On NA, the Nicholas was outdamaged by all T3 ships and up with 14.6k average damage
  • Also on NA, The T-22 outdamaged the Nicholas, but nothing else over T2 at 14.7k average damage
  • On EU, the order is reversed (14.3k vs 14.8k), but they managed to do better than Derzki, Wickes, and Wakatake players. So that's something.
  • On both servers, the Farragut is the weakest T6 ship
  • –On NA, it managed to beat the Nicholas, T-22, and Wakatake (in that order), but nothing else T3 and up with 15.8k damage.
  • –On EU, it beat a couple more T3 and T5 ships with 16.3k damage

The Flyswatter awards go to the Kidd on both servers with 9.43 average plane kills on EU and 8.34 on NA

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  • The Enterprise actually tied the Kidd on NA
  • Special mention to the 1 guy running the Supertest Alabama on NA – 13.71 average plane kills over 7 battles
  • The Akizuki has less effective AA than the Yubari on both servers, but it definitely doesn't need DefAA

  • The Yamato continues to suffer from overpopulation being the most played ship on both servers
  • CVs have proven ineffective as DD birth control as the Shima takes the second most played ship on EU and third on NA

  • The only Iwaki Alpha player on EU was stat-padding WR. 85.71% over 14 battles
  • Similarly on NA, the Supertest Alabama player sat at 71.43%
  • The Hashidate was officially the most lethal ship in the game last week on both servers. Take that Erie clubbers, I mean players

Best Player on the Other Team Award goes to:

  • The Tachibana on EU with a 63.64% loss rate
  • The Eastern Dragon on NA with a 71.43% loss rate

The Most Undecided Award goes to the Chengan on NA with 2.06% draw rate

  • The Neuteredshima on EU continues to live in the other team's base with 42.56 cap points on average
  • The EU Iwaki Alpha player camped his own base to pad stats with 43.64 average defense points
  • On NA, a player in the Oleg tried to do the same with 36.57 average defense points
  • Outside of those two, the Indomitable continues to defend like a champ

  • CVs continue to simply not die, topping the survivability charts at all tiers, maybe even the odd tiers
  • CVs continue to dominate spotting damage, surprise surprise
  • On EU, BBs, CVs, and the Stalingrad continue to be on par for damage output
  • On NA, Henri IV joined the damage party
  • The Indomitable continues to post T10 damage counts, breaking 100k on EU, less so on NA
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And finally, what you've all been waiting for: Fuso players still can't shoot straight. Worst hit rate on both servers. Still. Under 20%.

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