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Should I give Implacable another chance?

WorldOfWarships4 - Should I give Implacable another chance?

Previously I've asked which of the current premium Tier 8 CVs would you recommend, and I've reached a conclusion on that (still have to buy anything though, most likely will wait a couple more weeks).

That said, I've been looking back at my British CV grind, wondering if it was worth anything, or just a waste of time. It did teach me some valuable lessons, but I cannot say I found those ships enjoyable.

Specifically, I thought Implacable would've been a great leap forward compared to Furious, but I have a hard time figuring out the ship's strong features, if it has any.

Here's my impressions from the few games I've played (full stock ship):

  1. ship concealment is pretty crappy, and I can't take the concealment module since plane respawn and deck space are poor (more on that later).

  2. while the planes are the most durable available (with perks and upgrades they have more health than Midway planes), they are also slow, and I've noticed that when I recall them, or when I finish an attack run and rush out of the red ships' AA bubble, or when enemy planes summon fighters over me, that lack of speed can be a huge issue as my planes will not be able to escape in time before getting fragged. And I've learned the hard way that even the most durable planes available are wet paper when caught by enemy fighters or smacked by strong AA.

  3. Implacable has kind of the same issue as Saipan, or so I'm led to believe – the deck space is limited, and planes respawn very slowly (I guess this is the tradeoff for each plane having so much health).

  4. Lastly, the ship's striking power feels laughably poor. Fighters carry a large amount of rockets but each hits like a DD shell so barely anyone is afraid of them. Torpedoes are the second worst available in terms of damage and flood chance (worst overall goes to Graf Zeppelin iirc, but at least the torpedo bombers on that ship are super fast, and drop three torps per attack run). Finally, the dive bombers have the "carpet bombing" attack mode where not only the bombs fall very slowly, but they also cover an area so large that only dropping on equally large targets (mostly battleships or the large cruisers) results in meaningful damage.

tl;dr – I feel Implacable is weak and lags behind all the other Tier 8 CVs in everything but plane durability which, again, has limited usefulness (maybe it means something when I'm top tier, but I never had such a luxury so far).

Was I too harsh and/or quick in judging this ship, and what I said in this post is nonsense? Should I give Implacable another chance and, one can hope, learn to like it? Or is the British CV line just inferior to the IJN and USN and is best left ignored?

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