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Should WG not only focus on PVP quick matches as gamemodes?

WorldOfWarships1 - Should WG not only focus on PVP quick matches as gamemodes?

First, I do think that the format is part of what turned WoT, then WoWS into successful games. You don't have much to prepare, you just have to hop into a match, mash some potatoes and the go back to you real life duties.

However, I can't get rid of that impression of missed opportunity. The reasons are the following:

  • naval warfare sounds like epic engagements in the vast ocean. Current maps feel quite enclosed to me.
  • even though playing one game, WG encourages the players to play many games in a row through missions, marathons, etc. Then, why not allowing longer games with a form of respawn?
  • no matter the map on which you fight or the outcome on the battle, there is no context nor consequences to what happens in-game. You just collect your xp/credits and throw your ship into another battle.
  • Many players here a naval history fans, yet we have very few re-enactments of major naval battles. It's a shame, the Dynamo Op was great.
  • personnal concern: the frustration caused by a shitty team. Losing in itself is fine, but seeing your income cut because you got more potatoes than the reds is… butthurt-inducing.


What I'd suggest to add:

I have a dream, of a huge map with a hundred of players dispatched across it, freely sailing, alone or in fleets. With humans escorting IA convoys programmed to departure at certain hours, defending them against the ennemies lurking around. With amphibious landings (~Narai) to take control of islands and make the frontline progress. With calls for help from ports being shelled by hostile forces, until enough reinforcements are gathered to lift the siege. With aerodromes lauching massive air raids on a Task Force. And of course, the good ol' fleets clashes like in Randoms.

Adding AIs siding to both human camps would allow the introductions of many historical ship types that would be hard to balance for regular PVP (plane tenders, e-boats, monitors, escort ships, support vessels,…) or as a testbed for future PVP classes (submarines).

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I would never ask to completely change the core of WOWS, but maybe it could be a nice addition to vary the standard gameplay. Still more worthy of a try for the devs than that shitty research center. (If they want the player to play more lower Tiers than IX/X, making the maximum playable Tier of the event increase by one every week or so would be far easier than those ridiculous regrind requirements and high Tier premiums spam).

The only mandatory requirements would IMO be:

  • to make the mode actually fun, rather than relying on an excruciating grindfest to encourage people to play it and get some new exclusive "meta" stuff". Cosmetic rewards rather than steel, OP Captains and Tier IX/X premiums. Otherwise, it will drive people nuts and turn pleasure into homework.
  • in order to make it fun, it has to have a lot of replayability. Unlike Operations or that new PVE mode on WoT, which quickly become repetitive.
  • primarily reward personnal/flotilla performance, with a reduced impact regarding their camp wins or loses at the very end. Because many players would just stop enjoying the game the moment they know their efforts won't be rewarded enough. Or worse, start rigging the mode by massively joining one team, like in the "Victory" competition.
  • limit the range/flight time of carrier squadrons and RPF range. Just not to detect/engage targets while being at 1500000km.
  • A system to prevent yolo tactics (like in WoT's frontline: a timer to add a new vehicle in your playing queue. Once empty, you wait a bit.)

Sorry for the wall of text and any possible grammar mistake.
Your thoughts?

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