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Smolensk tips: the biggest threats to 2.5 Grozovois

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After 80 games, I'd like to give my opinion on what T10 ships are most and least threatening for a Smolensk. This short guide can be useful to Smolensk players or people looking to kill them. I'll start with battleships from most to least threatening.


1: Yamato. (threatening)

With accurate, 18 inch guns. you generally aren't going to be bouncing any shells here. Because of her shell arcs and her overmatch, combined with her accuracy, I have found her to be the most threatening battleship at range.

2: Republique. (threatening)

It feels weird putting Repub here but believe me when I say that she's actually dangerous. Her large guns also overmatch and while she may not be the most accurate ship in the game, but with her caliber and arcs, her shells can often find their way into your citadel (this is from experience on both ends). You need to also be wary of her 20s reload. The good news here is that Repub dies very quickly when you shoot back.

3: Kremlin. (somewhat threatening)

Kremlin goes below Repub and Yamato because her shell arcs/pen are actually too good, and at the same ranges Repub and Yamato may get citadels, Kremlin often gets overpens.

4: Conqueror (sometimes threatening)

Conq has her super heal which can make her time consuming to take down if she doesn't give broadside, and her HE can actually citadel Smolensk. In testing with my clan mates, we found that Conq is one of the best BBs to smoke fire a Smolensk.

5: Montana. (less threatening)

Montana's shells are only 16 inches which means that she's going to bounce off of your 30 and 70mm plates a lot when you angle properly.

6: Kurfurst (least threatening)

GK can also bounce and with her inaccurate guns, she can't find consistency shooting a kiting Smolensk or one in smoke. Be careful of stray shells, though.


I should stress here: whenever a cruiser is broadside: USE AP. Every time. For cruisers with decent armor, aim for the upper armor belt at range.

1: Stalingrad/Moskva (threatening)

I'm putting them into the same category because of their similarity when it comes to this specific fight. 12km radar, overmatch on your 16mm, and a lot of armor can make them difficult opponents. Your best bet is to angle well and wear them down. Because of their huge armor and large guns, it's honestly better to treat them like battleships sometimes.

2: Salem (threatening)

Superheal, 8.5km radar, and super heavy AP. This one is dangerous if you don't have IFHE. With IFHE, taking on a Salem is much easier, but in general I don't really recommend IFHE. For Salem (and DM) just try not got get into range of their radar, and be sure you don't get citadelled.

3: Henri (threatening)

240mm guns, 44 knot speed, and reload booster. Henri is evil if you give her either your flat ass or your full broadside. Just don't do either, and don't get too close, and you'll be fine.

4: DM (somewhat threatening)


DM as the same characterastics as Salem, but she lacks superheal. The radar isn't much of an issue for you as long as you aren't too close and you stay angled within your smoke screen (for when the radar comes). Be sure not to get greedy in this fight.

5: Smolensk (somewhat threatening)

You both have AP that can destroy the other, as well as great HE and torpedoes. In this fight, use AP when you can. Punish the other Smolensk for giving any broadside but don't just spam AP when he's angled. If you lose a trade, use smoke to disengage and try again later.

6: Zao (somewhat threatening)

Zao has insane gun arcs and amazing alpha combined with excellent torpedoes for your smoke screen. She's a threat if you let her be. Don't engage Zao at the range she wants to engage you at (14km+) and you'll be fine. Again, be sure to use AP when you can.

7: Worcester (less threatening)

9km radar and good DPM, but you have more (and better AP). Smolensk is just better at Worcester in the DPM race, so this one isn't hard unless you get caught off guard.

8: Hindenburg (less threatening)

Her AP alpha is great but her pen is bad, and since the ship is so large, she's an easy target. Hindenburgs melt pretty fast under the power of Smolensk

9: Minotaur (least threatening)

Just don't give broadside lol. Use your AP and it's GG here.


Smolensk can treat all destroyers more or less the same. With the amount of DPM Smolensk has, and with her hydro, your choice of Shimakaze or Gearing doesn't really matter. All are equal in the
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, comrade. The only one you really need to watch out for is
Grozovoi because she, like you, has absolutely insane AP penetration for her caliber. You can sometimes get punished for broadsides if you give it.

Basically as long as you use hydro and angle to torpedoes in your smoke, you'll be fine.

Other ships

The three ships I didn't include here were Colbert, Bourgogne, and Yoshino, because they're not very common and I didn't get to fight enough of them to feel confident including them on a list. For Bourgogne her guns are small but she has a quick reload, so be careful to not get greedy. For Yoshino, I think you can go with the same advice I gave for Zao; don't let him pick the fight. For Colbert, just use AP and don't let him kill you.

One last thing:

People are going to comment "well I play Zao/Worcester/Montana/GK/whatever and I devstruck a Smolensk so there!" And congratulations! However the ships listed above are more deadly more consistently in my experience. And be sure to remember, this list comes from my own experience. Other people may have experienced differently, and if you find Montana to be a huge threat, more power to you.

It's important to know what's a threat in any game you play.

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