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[Sneak Peek] WoWS Builds Coming to PC! Create and share your commander builds on an easy-to-use website

WorldOfWarships2 - [Sneak Peek] WoWS Builds Coming to PC! Create and share your commander builds on an easy-to-use website

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Hi All!

I'm mostly a lurker around these parts, but finally have something exciting to post about. With the release of the commander skill rework, I've created a site that allows you to create and post your builds on this website: WoWS Builds.

I originally created the site for the console version of the game, WoWS: Legends. Every time I unlocked a new ship, I took a lot of time choosing upgrades and commander skills. Wouldn't it be better if I could see how other players set up the ship and start my build there? Plus, for newer players, the building system can seem quite intimidating. So, I created a public place for people to share.

The Legends site has gotten a ton of great feedback, with more than a thousand builds submitted and a ton of traffic everyday. With the shift in the commander skill system coming to PC, I wanted to open it up to this community.

I recorded a short video going through the site that you can watch below:

Here's what you need to know about the PC version of WoWS Builds.

Ship Pages

Every ship in the game has it's dedicated page on the site. Here, you can see background on the ship, eventually base stats for the ship, and community builds submitted.

On the ship page, you'll find a short form that to submit a build for that ship. Just add some admin information, select upgrades, choose skills and you're ready to go. Submitting a build will take a few minutes to post on the page and elsewhere on the site.


Once your build posts, other players will be able to see them on the ship page and click in to them for more info. That's where we get into…

Build Pages

Creating a build creates its own dedicated page on the site. Players can find these in various places on the site, as well as via search engines.

Each build page shows Upgrades selected, the Skill tree, as well as the builder's notes. So, you can see what the build entails, as well as how to best play it. Builders can also select a skill level to help players find builds that will suit their level of competence.

For those that want to go deeper on stats, you can share a link to or wowsft for a full breakdown on the build results. I the future, I'd love to find a way to automate that.

Builds also have upvotes, so if you appreciate a build, be sure to click that button so other will be able to find it as well.

Oh, and the site is 100% mobile friendly.


That's about it for my sneak peek of the site. I'd like to have this live a few days after the 10.0 launches so you can get right into submitting your builds for the community.

After launch, I'll continue to build out functionality of the site and add new features as requested.

So, if you have any feedback or initial thoughts – I'd love to hear them! Hit me up of here, or message on on discord at Father Mundy#8990

Until then – see you next week with the full launch – Cheers!

P.S. – You can find the legends version of the site at

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