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Some Changes to AA for WG to Consider

WorldOfWarships5 - Some Changes to AA for WG to Consider

As we all know, the CV rework fundamentally changed how surface ships interact with carriers. Some changes have been good (AA is more interactive and less reliant on RNG), while others have been painful (CVs regenerate planes and face little/no consequences for having their planes shot down). Truth be told, I actually like that CVs can't be deplaned and rendered completely useless anymore, but I do think some major changes need to be made to make CVs more enjoyable to play against.

Change #1: Restore AFT and AA Guns Mod. 1 to previous state of increasing AA firing range by 20%. This would allow for AA builds to actually be impactful again and leads to teamplay opportunities because covering teammates (especially DDs) with large AA auras would be more viable. As things currently stand, there is essentially no reason to waste 4 points on AFT unless you use it to increase main battery/secondary firing range.

As for AA Guns Mod. 1, the sector reinforcement time decrease makes it one of the worst upgrades in the entire game at the moment. Allowing it to buff AA range by 20% would once again force players into choosing between decreased dispersion, increased AA range, or faster torpedoes. All three would be compelling options. Before 0.8.0, speccing AAGM1 and AFT on Moskva led to an 8.2km AA zone which was extremely useful to friendly DDs and BBs when paired with the old Defensive AA consumable.


Change #2: Introduce regeneration of AA mounts on surface ships. It's very unfair that carriers can fully regenerate their squadrons even after taking massive losses all game, while surfaces ships are left all but defenseless at the end of the game because HE spam has neutered their anti-air. Now, this would have to be a fairly slow process, and could be adjusted based on ship class/nation/tier.

Doing this would incentivize CVs to communicate with the rest of their team to focus their strike planes on a ship that's had its AA weakened by surface ships recently, rather than simply striking with impunity in the late game. This would have the added benefit of introducing another variable for WG to tweak when balancing the AA power of surface ships. Potentially, this change could be accompanied by a new upgrade or captain skill that would affect this regeneration rate.

Change #3: Restore the Defensive AA Fire consumable's dispersion penalty on incoming attack aircraft for cruisers only. I think almost everyone can agree that DFAA is in a really bad spot right now. There's almost no reason to select it over Hydroacoustic Search these days because the 50% damage increase just isn't meaningful enough. Hydro is increasingly common and this has the cascading effect of hurting destroyers even more because of how hard it is to land torpedoes on ships equipped with hydro. Restoring DFAA's 'spread' effect gives the fleet defense role back to AA cruisers.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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