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Some further clarification on the Soviet Split from WG Asia on Steam

WorldOfWarships2 - Some further clarification on the Soviet Split from WG Asia on Steam

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Please note that this is preliminary information, so may be changed at any time. The final details will be published in the patchnotes close to the release of update 0.9.4

Due to the entirety of the current branch except Moskva consisting of light cruisers, Moskva will be replaced in the branch by the light cruiser Alexander Nevsky and will herself become a special ship for Coal. Apart from that, cruiser Kirov will be replaced in the branch by Kotovsky and become a premium ship.


  • Cruiser Moskva becomes a ship with a "special" status (and becomes available for coal):
  1. Base cost of the ship's post-battle service will be reduced from 180 000 to 90 000 credits

  2. No retraining needed for commanders of the same nation

  3. Permanent camouflage is included with the ship

  • Everyone who has ever researched Moskva will get new Moskva. That means you get her in all the following cases:
  1. you have sold her

  2. you have never bought her yet

  3. her branch is currently reset

  4. and of course if she’s in your port

  • Bonuses for resetting Soviet cruiser branch will be transferred to the cruiser Alexander Nevsky

  • The Unique Upgrade or the mission for it, as well as all purchased permanent camouflages, will remain on new Moskva.

  • Regarding the fate of Type 20 permanent camouflage on Moskva — currently there are several variants what exactly happens with it. Please wait for further announcement, we’ll inform you as soon as possible.

  • The commander of Moskva will retain his specialization. You can use the newly acquired status of Moskva to complete commander’s retraining for Nevsky for free — acquire specialization for Nevsky, then transfer commander back to Moskva and play battles until he accumulates enough XP to use skills without penalties.

  • Cruiser Alexander Nevsky will be available only when researched and purchased in the tech tree. If you have enough ship experience on Dmitry Donskoy — you would be able to research Alexander Nevsky right after the update.

  • Same about Tallin — you can research her right after the update if you have enough ship experience on Shchors.

  • The same rules are applied to cruisers Kirov and Kotovsky. Kirov becomes Tier V premium cruiser, while Kotovky replaces this ship’s place in the tech tree.

Why are there some differences compared with American cruisers' branch split? Because all American cruisers have remained tech tree ships, while those players who had reached Moskva and Kirov in the end will receive for free more than they’ve submitted to: ships with significant economic bonuses. Also other branch splits were more complex with ships changing places in the tech tree, so it wasn’t as clear which ship should remain with the player — the one that is now in that place in the tech tree or the one that the player has been accustomed to? This split is simpler and more transparent.

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