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Some questions and answers from today Q&A with Devs

WorldOfWarships4 - Some questions and answers from today Q&A with Devs

At the outset, I want to say that English is not my main language and the developer answering some questions also has a similar situation. But I wanted to write as precisely as he said so that later there would be no ambiguity. So I apologize in advance if there are any problems with understanding due to "translating".

1. When or if Jeży Świrski gonna be avilable ?
A: Our usual approach is give an access to such unique Commanders in approximately half a year after they become unavilable for the first time, so he was released like in a Spring of 2020 and the campaign was running for half a year and you should get half a year after the end of the campaign and that will be the approximate time he'll become available agian.

2. What are the plans for Italian Battleship ?
A: The Italian Event is plan for 0.10.1(next week is 0.10.0)

3. What is WG plan to add hybrids ? Will there be a new skills and when ?
A: The question is more "when". We gonna introduce hybrids when they are gonna be ready. Regarding the Skills for now the plan is that they'll use the skill of the class they belong to in game, so hybrid Battleship will use Battleship skill and is such case planes will serve as an additional source of the demage output not as a main one for exaple, and if necessary there might be some additional changes for skill system too.

4. Will WG offer server transers again ?
A: As of now the most probably no. There are no such plans for the close future, these feature was rather technical intensive and required quite a lot of effort but it was not that popular among players. So for now there are no plans to do it.

5. How can you explain the secondaries for BB's being nerfed into ground and other BB's will becoming snipers in the back ?
A: Look guys we don't want to make brawling bad, we don't want to make secondaries bad, intention of skill rework is not this. For German battleships we are going to improve the accuracy of their secondary guns by approximately 22.5%, if I remember correctly, and with new skill wich improves the accuracy of secondaries by 35% then they accuracy will be improved in total by 50%, in comparison to what they have now so the currently Manual Secondaris improves accuracy 60% so the loss will be about 10% but on the same time your secondaries will fire from both sides.
Cont. Compering the skill in a vacumm doesn't yield the same results as seen it in action, and for the time being we've got the question why we didn't have a dedicated test or balance test of skills, that's because behavior on test servers is usually different from that we get on the main server and on patch 10.0 we will see how the rework will impact efficiency of different ships, and we will add then adjust ships if needed. Making brawling ships to strong before rework for ex. imagine if we increased the accuracy or any other parameters of German ships before the rework goes live and the rework increases the efficiency in comparison to all other classes, then we'll have several premium ships which couldn't be nerfed and which are growing in their efficiency. So we've decided to release the rework and see how it impacts efficiency of different ships and after that we'll buff the ships which will require it, because this way we won't run ourselves in a situation with ships that can't be nerf and are OP. The last answering of to this question is, we can't compare skill and build of the ship only with the previous system, we should compare it to other ships in a new system. The usual thing we all want to keep the things as they are, we all want to reproduce the old build in the new system. But it may turn out that there are many different ways that may different from what we are used to and they are more effective, how it will turn out only the release of 10.0 will show. We have some expectation but we have plans, as I've said for example not to make brawling ships worse not to make sniping excessively effective etc. But there might be some flaws which we will then adjust. And if there will be major changes to the new system we will yelled free skill reset again.


6. What about Flint and his gun range ?
A: Flint itself is a very potent and strong ship, and it's play style is different from Atlanta, that's why Flint didn't get the additional range as Atlanta real have but as I've said earlier if Flint will have a position of a week ship with very significant drop of efficiency then we'll have something to do with. It won't be necessarily the range or it won't be plus 20%, for example with Colbert we added improved dynamics instead of range.

7. What about bug with guns and torpedoes not firing ?
A: Yes it is known bug for us and we are working on it.

8. When Austin will come out ?
A: 0.10.2 for steel(as a replacement for Somers)

9. Reprodusing Captain's current builds in the new system takes 22 points, even with a hypothetical 22 points you would be in a disadvantage compared to today, is it forcing players to choose or balancing mechanics?
A: As I said before, trying to reproduce the current builds on the new system will not be the best approach. Because everything has changed and there are different options to choose from, e.g. the most common complaint is Priority Target and Adrenaline Rush that they now cost one point more, and for a reason, these skills are very powerful and you would practically use these skills on almost any ship.

10. Are there any plans for the CV's interaction with the surface ships?
A: There are ideas that we test, that we think about but nothing specific at the moment. There may be something but not in the near future, and by "near future" I mean 10.0. Because 10.0 will also have an impact on this interaction.

11.Can we expect new Nations?
A: We can expect new Nations, not necessarily new tech trees. But we have tech trees that can have multiple Nations. So yes and no.

12. Any changes to Shikishims secondaries ?
A: At this point, we don't think Shikishima's secondary need a buff.

13. What about cruisers like Siegfried and Agir? that won't be able to use the secondaries build.
A: Yes, so far we only have the two ships that can use this secondaries build. And if we look at the total number of cruisers in the game, the skills that would focus heavily on this option for these cruisers would create a mess. As is a mess now with some ships that have gray skills. But if we add a few such cruisers with secondaries options in the future, we will consider the skills that will support such ships.

14. On the subject of the feedback
A: Feedback is important in itself, but we cannot make decisions based on feedback alone, we also need data to support this. If you don't like something and you give us a feedback, we take that feedback and compare it with the data. This is something we do constantly, our main approach. For example, the situation with Smolensk, and there were many complaints about this ship, mainly that it is OP or toxic. So we checked the data and evaluate, for example, if players stop playing another game when they encounter this ship during a match. And it turned out that the main reason was excessive presence, so for this the ship was not nerfed but rather removed from sale. It was too popular and there were situations where there were several Smolensk players in one match, which also resulted in a specific META. There was a problem and we solved it.

15. Will you still need to manually select targets for secondaries guns?
A: You will still be able to mark targets. And this will allow you to choose a priority target from among many targets, but you will not be forced to do so.

16. When will Stuk planes get sirens sounds?
A: I don't know the exact date right now, but they will get it

17. What are you going to do with sniper battleships that won't risk taking damage?
A: I don't think we need to do anything about them because they will be losing battles. Because standing at the end of the map and sniping won't help them win the battles.

There were more questions, but I believe these were the most important. Others were either more playful or standard to which everyone here knows the answer. But if anyone would like to watch it, they can do it on the official channel.

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