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Soviet Battleships are a much needed positive change for the game

WorldOfWarships5 - Soviet Battleships are a much needed positive change for the game

Disclaimer: I have been given these ships by WG in order to test them. The characteristics and game play experiences I am referencing are WIP and subject to change.

TL:DR at bottom

In my opinion, for some time now, various ships and lines have introduced that have not necessarily broken the game, but have reduced some of the fun factor, and have increased frustration levels. Starting at the British battleships, continuing on though things like the Wooster and IJN gunbote DDs (honarary mention : Asashio). The introduction of these ships changed how the game works, and for most people this meant a lot more HE spam, and a much more passive game.

Like the aforementioned ships, I believe if the Soviet battleships are introduced in the same state that they are during test, then they will change the game in way in a way that all players will enjoy.

Two things about the Soviet Battleships make them beneficial for the health of the game, the armor profile and the gun dispersion curve.

The armor profile is essentially the polar opposite of the British battleship. If you properly use your armor, you will mitigate a large portion of incoming damage, but you misuse it, you will absolutely be punished. This means that in playing these ships, you are forced to angle and position yourself smart, or face the consequences of lazy/bad play.


The gun dispersion curve is what I think is the most defining feature of the ship line. In summery, at long range it is unbelievably terrible, and as you close the distance, it approaches a near cruiser level. Gone are the days of sniping battleships. With these guns, you simply cannot afford to sit in the back and try and snipe ships. Of course sometimes you may have to shoot a target a long range, but surprisingly, when doing this I was not at all angry or frustrated seeing every single shell badly miss my target. I understood that my ship was not designed to shoot ships at long range and so I should not expect it to perform at long range. At close range, the guns become incredible. The dispersion becomes so accurate you can pinpoint where you want your shells to land. If you aim right, you will be rewarded. The "feel" is amazing.

Another small point is that although the guns have other great characteristics such as speed and godly turret traverse, these things come with a unbearably slow reload and overall I feel that these characteristics balance out and allow the guns to simply differentiate themselves from other nation.

If these ships launch to all players in the current state, they will undoubtedly be immensely popular. As a result of that people will soon pick up on how to correctly play these ships resulting in less battleships sniping on more supporting the team. If a player plays the ship to its strengths, then they will rewarded, but if they try to play them wrong, they will be punished. For players dealing with the burnout of all this HE spam and the carrier rework, these ships act as a sweet relief from some other aspects of the game.

TL:DR; The nature of the armor profile and gun dispersion curve of the Soviet battleships will encourage good play and reduced the amount of passiveness in the game.

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