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Soviet WOWS joke (translating & updating)

WorldOfWarships7 - Soviet WOWS joke (translating & updating)

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1.One day, Daring, Kleber, and Grozovoi are discussing what is the happiest thing in the world.

Daring: "The happiest thing is capture an area with my British smoke, and run."

Kleber: "The happiest thing is there's a stopped battleship next to the mountain 3km away, and there's no enemy radar ship nearby."

Grozovoi: "The happiest thing is when WG knock open your door in the midnight and says:'You, destroyer leader, will still suffer full damage from large caliber AP penetration,' and I reply:'I'm sorry, but you made a mistake. Khabarovsk is next door.'"

  1. WG is making a speech to cruisers, telling them the IFHE change is a buff to cruisers.

Belfast asked:"Then where is our fire rate?"

On the next day, WG came and made the same speech again.

Helena asked:"I don't care about where is the fire rate, I just wanna know where is Belfast?"

3.Q: A plane carrying Smolensk, Venezia, and Thunderer crashed. Who can survive?

A: World of Warships.

  1. Gearing and Shimakaze are bragging. Gearing said: I invented an accuracy consumable that ensures 100% hit rate of shells and rockets. Shimakaze said: I invented a special engine boost consumable that allows destroyers to reach 200 knots. Gearing wanted Shimakaze to show her the engine boost consumable, and shimakaze get panic. Midway suggested:"It's easy. Let Gearing bring me the accuracy consumable, and when I use that and launch my rocket planes, you'll run away with 200 knots."

  1. WG staff posted in Reddit r/WorldOfWarships:"World of Warships is very balanced, very enjoyable, not time-consuming, and won't cost you much money…"

Players replied:"I want to play World of Warships!"

  1. Yueyang spotted a Shimakaze with her radar. She happily said to Shikishima: Look, I found an enemy DD!

Shikishima replied:"Even if we fight only with our main guns, it is me that is the one defeated."

"Then use your secondaries."

"Out of range."

"Then go ram."

"I'm too slow."

Yueyang got angry, turned off radar and left. The Shimakaze excitedly typed: "Long life WG!"

  1. Q: What's the advantage the DFAA consumable on USN DD and Soviet DD branche offered?

A: Shoot down FTs that are unable to spot other destroyers.

  1. Q: What on erath should poor Yueyang do in order to receive buff from WG?

A: Destroy a DD with her torpedo.

  1. Q: What's the most OP CV in T8?

A: Indomitable. Even she has no torpedo planes, she still needs to nerf.

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