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[Speadsheet] Santa Crates – Likelihood of getting X reward from Y boxes (crowdsourced dataset)

WorldOfWarships5 - [Speadsheet] Santa Crates - Likelihood of getting X reward from Y boxes (crowdsourced dataset)

You can find the info for all three kinds of crates on this new sheet:

< Santa Crates – Drop chances per gifts opened>

Hey, me again.

Given that the data I collected on my crowd-sourced spreadsheet (link if interested) has reached a point were the shifts in percentages are in the decimal scale, I decided to create a spreadsheet that would show two things:

  1. The likelihood of getting a particular rewards from a particular crate (other sheet already showed this)
  2. More relevant, how your chance of pulling a particular reward evolves with the linear growth of the number of gift opened.

While mostly for curiosity, this can be useful for some people in particular scenarios. An example:

Q: How many Santa's Gift's (smaller ones) am I expected to open before reaching over 90% chance to get a ship (R6*)?

A: I am expected to open 76 or more crates (90.06%).

Please report any errors you may find (I know the mega gifts sheet is not public yet, working on it)

Hope you will find it interesting (and perhaps useful)


Forgot to add, this is using the dataset with mixed video and written data (one with around 1300 data points at the time of edit)

Original link

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