World of Warships

Special Commander Utilization Post-Rework

WorldOfWarships6 - Special Commander Utilization Post-Rework

I went through last night and reassigned a lot of captains and did some planning on how I want to utilize my special commanders after the rework. I wanted to share here and hopefully get some feedback from other people's plans and potential other ideas. Note for potential feedback givers: I only list special commanders here, I have all the tier 10's, if one of them isn't mentioned here it is because they have their own non-special commander, but is available for reassignment for a special commander if they are a better fit.


Lutjens: Because Mainz does not require IFHE and previous battlecruiser builds are no longer possible/viable, Lutjens can now command EVERY SINGLE German premium ship except for Z-35, which needs a full gun build. I have Lutjens assigned to Z-52 and working all German premiums with ARP Thea assigned to Hindenburg and filling in for Z-35.

USSR, Had a lot of trouble deciding what to do with Ovechkin and Kutzenov. I ultimately settled on this.

Ovechin: Assigned to Khaba. Will also command Kutuzov.

Kutuzov: Assigned to Kremlin. Will command all premium BB, Neutrashimy and Moskva.

AL Avrora: Assigned to Grozovoi. Will Command all remaining premium cruisers and DD except for Leningrad (Petro's commander will command Leningrad.)

UK, also options here. Dunkirk on Goliath or Conq with improved turret speed.

Dunkirk: Assigned to Goliath. Will also command all premium BB and CA.

Cunningham: Assigned to Daring. Will also command all premium CV and T7 Belfast.

AL Hood: Assigned to Minotaur

Pan Asia, what got me here was that Irian, HuangHe and Wukong do not want to share a capt and Anshan needs turret rotation boost.

Da Rong: Assigned to YueYang. Will also command Irian and siliwangi.

Quan Rong: Assigned to HuangHe. Will also command Anshan.

Bajie: Assigned to Bajie. Will also command Wukong.


Phillipe: Assigned to Kleber. Will command Le Terrible, Marceu, Scirocco and Colbert.


Jean-Jacque: Assigned to Republique. Will command all premium BB, Aigle, and Bayard.

Pan EU:

Swirski: Assigned to Halland. Will also capt Viribus. (A normal capt with gun build will command Smaland, Orkan, Friesland and Blitz.)


Luigi: Assigned to Venezia. Will command Gorizia and Genova. Roma's capt will take over duties for D'Aosta and Abruzzi.


Halsey: Assigned to Wooster. Will command all premium DD except for Kidd. Will command Georgia and Massa and premium light cruisers.

Ovechkin: Assigned to Montana. Will command all remaining premium BB, Kidd, Alaska and PR.

AL Cleveland: Will command Des Moines. Will command Salem and all premium CA.

AL Enterprise: Assigned to Vermont.

IJN, here we go. This is the big one. I am actually retiring SIX 19pt IJN captains with this new set-up.

HSF Maron: Assigned to Shimakaze. Will command Shinonome and Yubari.

Yamamoto: Assigned to Harumo. Will command Kii and Yahagi.

HSF Mei: Assigned to Zao. Will command Asashio, Yuudachi, and premium CA.

HSF Akeno: Assigned to Haku. Will command Kaga and Hayate.

ARP Yamato: Assigned to Yamato. Will command all premium BB except for Kii. Will command Yoshino and Azuma and Harekaze.

HSF China: Assigned to Mogami.

ARP Kongou: Assigned to Akizuki.

Pan America and Commonwealth do not have special commanders.

All in I have 13 commanders to retire: 1 German, 1 Italian, 1 Asian, 1 French, 1 Russian, 2 Americans and 6 Japanese. Which will cost north of 220,000,000 silver and net around 5.5million exp. This is still a rough draft and I may make some changes. There may be another tech tree ship or 2 that I decide to keep and put one of the 19pts on instead of retiring.

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