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ST, changes to test ships and Le Terrible

WorldOfWarships5 - ST, changes to test ships and Le Terrible

The testing of changes to the tier VIII French destroyer 'Le Terrible' was successful, and we're planning to implement these changes for the ship in update 0.8.3. Here is what changed:

  • Initial AP shells velocity increased from 800 to 840 m/s;
  • The Krupp value for the AP shells is now 2400 instead of 2100, this will increase armor penetration;
  • Reduced the value of the coefficient of air resistance from 0.3498 to 0.234 for HE and AP shells;
  • Changed the allocation of hit points of the ship.

Changes to the air resistance coefficient of shells will allow this destroyer to feel more comfortable at long and medium ranges, and the improved armor penetration will give a new option: engaging cruisers with AP shells. It will be necessary to consider the target's armor and distance, but it allows for the potential of inflicting serious damage to lightly armored cruisers even at 10 km, especially when used in conjunction with the Main Battery Reload Booster.

One of the major challenges faced by Le Terrible was regarding it's low survivability, which will be improved by the new hit points allocation system. It will allow the destroyer to survive longer under intense and sustained fire.

American battleship Georgia, tier IX:

  • Main battery guns reload time lowered from 30 seconds to 26.

Due to having a low number of guns, the ship was weaker than it's counterpart tier battleships despite having the dispersion ellipse smaller than tiermates and the high damage of the 457mm guns. Lowering the reload time allows Georgia to use it's features more often and will make this battleship more dangerous.

Soviet battleship Knyaz Suvorov, tier III:

  • Main battery guns reload time increased from 32 seconds to 36.

Soviet battleship Gangut, tier IV:

  • Main battery guns reload time increased from 32 seconds to 36.
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Soviet battleship Pyotr Velikiy, tier V:

  • Main battery guns reload time increased from 30 seconds to 33.

Soviet battleship Izmail, tier VI:

  • Sigma value lowered from 1.7 to 1.6.

Soviet battleship Sinop, tier VII:

  • Sigma value lowered from 1.7 to 1.6

Main features of the Soviet battleships – great accuracy on the close ranges and and good armor – have a very noticeable effect on their efficiency. We continue to change this ships, trying to keep these features intact, and they are still needing some small weakening changes to balance them in comparison to other ships.

British battleship Conqueror_T, tier X:

  • The restoration of the casemate (non-citadel) damage by Repair party increased from 75% to 85%;
  • Sigma value increased from 1.8 to 1.9 for 419-mm guns;
  • Citadel's upper deck armor increased from 12 mm to 32 mm.

British battleship Monarch_T, tier VIII:

  • The restoration of the casemate (non-citadel) damage by Repair party increased from 75% to 85%;
  • Citadel's upper deck armor increased from 12 mm to 32 mm.

Changes to Monarch_T and Conqueror_T were to rebalance,not to weaken them. But as a result, these ships lost some of their combat efficiency. To compensate for this, both battleships will get improvements for several parameters. Please, pay attention that these are test changes and they don't apply to the basic ships. If testing shows that such balancing is efficient, it may later be applied to the basic versions of the ships.

British aircraft carrier Indomitable, tier VIII:

  • Attack planes' rockets changed to those of Audacious' attack planes.

Indomitable's attack planes usually weren't used due to the noticeable advantage of bombers. This change will increase the attack planes' damage and will allow them to be a viable alternative to the bombers of this aircraft carrier.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

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