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ST, “Soviet cruisers” event, 16th season of Ranked battles, and other news

WorldOfWarships1 - ST, "Soviet cruisers" event, 16th season of Ranked battles, and other news

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Showcased features may or may not end up on the main server. Any final information will be published on our game's website.

In Update 0.9.4 there will be an event dedicated to the Early Access to Soviet heavy cruisers of Tiers VIII and IX. The permanent camouflage "Soviet" will be added for cruisers Mikoyan V, Tallin VIII, Riga IX, Petropavlovsk X, Bagration VIII, and Ochakov VIII. The "Black Sea" Port was updated and renamed to "Novorossiysk". The port in its usual form will be available in the Modstation.

From April 15 to June 8, the 9th season of Clan Battles will be held.

From May 20 to June 16, the 16th Ranked Battles season will be held on Tier VII ships in the "7 vs 7" format. Just as the Ranked Battles format changes, so do its rewards: victories this season will bring you up to 4,700 steel and other rewards.

In the updated "Modules" tab you will be able to view upgrades and consumables of ships that are not yet in your port. You can research and purchase a ship in the Tech Tree tab.

The Northern Lights, Shatter, Sleeping Giant, Loop, Greece and Crash Zone Alpha maps have been adapted for the new lighting model and enhanced HDR technology.


The location of islands has been changed on the Loop map. It will make it easier to approach key areas and maneuver around them. The island in A7 at the border of the "Atlantic" map was removed.

The number of points at the beginning of each battle in the "Domination" mode in Co-op Battles was changed:

  • For battles with 3 key areas from 300 to 400 points
  • For battles with 4 key areas from 200 to 300

This will help to reduce the amount of battles which are finished when one of the teams reaches 0 points.

A new expendable camouflage "Recruiting Station", 4 new solid-color expendable camouflages and permanent camouflage "Nordic" are added to the game.

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