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Stalingrad killed my Zao for CW

WorldOfWarships3 - Stalingrad killed my Zao for CW

My clan has been running into tanking heavy setups (involving 2 Stalingrads and counter ships) quite often. Doing well against these setups has become increasingly difficult with a "normal" setup as we climbed to typhoon.

Our results have become so disturbing that we're now experimenting with those tanking setups ourselves, and they do not contain ships like Zao or Des Moines.

The clan has some strict rules for qualifying to play a ship in ranked. You have to work hard to qualify. Zao is the only ship I qualify in. I put in the work on Zao because I assumed that a stealthy cruiser with a flexible armament is something that'll always be competitive and therefore always be of some need in competitive modes. If the new setup prevails, not only do I need to grind out and train up in a new ship (which is a lot of hard work which will take me months), I also have to give up playing a ship I quite enjoyed and which fit me well.


Yes the meta has to adapt as and when new ships appear. However, I do not think it's a good development if a new "meta" (i.e. Stalingrad) appears and simply makes a swath of T10 ships obsolete. This is not a good development at all. There are already quite a few uncompetitive ships at T10, and the introduction of Stalingrad relegates a whole bunch of others to be uncompetitive as well.

To those that're downvoting this post, how do you explain this then? In those 16 clans, I count 33 stalingrads, 10 Zaos (30% of which my clan supplied) and 2 Des Moines (50% of which my clan supplied). If we stop with both Zao and Des Moines, it'll be 35 stalingrads, 7 Zaos and 1 Des Moines… Ohyes, that's right, you explain it by me being a noob, carry on then.

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