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Stat Lowlights! From the land of Vodka and Bias!

WorldOfWarships6 - Stat Lowlights! From the land of Vodka and Bias!

Welcome back! I’m sealclubbing moderator Tsukiumi, filling in by unpopular request. You all know about the meta in World of Warships, but as Paul Harvey said, it’s time for the rest of the story. Without further ado, I give you the other side of WoWS stats, pulled from MapleSyrup. All the stats are true, but I may mention them in ways that take them out of context, or provide ridiculous comparisons.

Today we’re looking at the server of BIAS- Russia! I’m using the two month rolling average to ensure that none of these stats could be biased or taken out of context (Yeah, right).

*Who would win in a fight? The Tier X Salem, or

if he was driving any other Tier X? It would be the cat. The Salem has the worst winrate of all Tier X ships.

*Kudos to you, Mr. Konig Albert clubber. The one guy who played her did well- almost a 63% winrate over 43 battles.

*The two Tachibana clubbers might want to ask him for advice. They had a 43.9% Winrate.

*Or, they could ask the two Tachibana Lima clubbers who have a 64.6% winrate.

*The Chengan is the best Tier 1 scout. It did 40% more spotting damage than its closest competitor.

*Chengan also practices safe scouting. It had the highest survival rate by far amongst Tier 1 ships

*“Country Roads, Take me home….” – The West Virginia only survives 34.5% of the time

*What is even Russian bias? The Nikolai has a 52.49% winrate, while even the Ishizuchi beats it.

*The Duca D’Aosta can barely out-damage a Vampire (23,356 vs 23,213)

*More people play the Duca D’Aosta than the Kamikaze R.

*More people play the Audacious than the Bourgogne, Daring, and Yueyang combined.


*Little Chikuma will be quite the artist. She had the highest percentage of draws.

*Peace protesters took to the seas in their Ryujos to bring awareness to naval violence. Only nine ships dealt less total damage…. And all but one of those was a Tier 1.

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*The other was the Smith.

*The “I have more AA than an Arkansas Beta” award goes to the triple division of “Kamikaze, Kamikaze R, and Fujin.” They each averaged 0.01 plane kills

*The Worcester shot down fewer average planes than the AL Montpelier.

*Nobody could care less about the Weymouth. She has the lowest number of battles among non-premiums.

*The “Only CVs have worse main battery accuracy than me” award goes to Fuso. Honorable mentions are Kongo and Mutsu.

*The “Accurate Marksmanship” award winners:

 * DD: Kamikaze * Cruiser: Albany * Battleship: Kremlin (Shocker, right?) 

*The “Highest Kill to Death ratio amongst non-CVs” award goes to the Arkansas Beta- 2.68. That’s roughly half of the winner if we count all classes: Enterprise. They WILL pick you up.

*The award winner for “All cap, no kill” belongs to Z-52.She has the third highest amount of cap points, but only 0.66 kills

*The Diana reigns supreme! Only two people play her, but they’ve done it for 263 battles

*The Giulio Cesare does more damage than the Harugumo.

*The Dunkerque outdamages the Gearing.

*The ARP Haruna outdamages the Grozovoi.

*The Wyoming and Kaiser outdamage the Z-46.

*The “I love my ship and want to play nothing else” award belongs to Hermelin. 73 players played a total of 11,788 battles in her, or 161.48 per person.

*The highest battle count in a high tier ship belongs to Le Terrible: 124.67 per player.

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