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WorldOfWarships4 - State of the Meta

The WoWs meta absolutely sucks.

That's probably the summary of my stance right now.

I'm not exactly a professional player, I don't own every ship in the game. I don't even own all the t10s. But over the years I've played this game on and off, I have found the meta slowly shifting to be more and more boring. I don't want to put all the blame on power creep, or Russian bias, or even the god awful state of the CV situation, but more and more often, I've found that in order to win in WoWs, you need to play super conservative, build for survivability and stealth, and camp at the edge of engagement range.

I don't mean to say that this is the way you must play if you want to have a good win rate, no, coordinated aggression wins games more often than not, and the team which pushes objectives together is often the one that wins. No I mean that the game seems to be built in order to encourage players to kite away and poke each other from max range. In a game where there is literally no Voice coms and Divisions are limited to three ships, the only effective method to be aggressive, is in a mass coordinated push. Otherwise you get punished. So, nobody ever pushes.

Want to play secondary builds? Have fun! Knock Yourself our… So long as you enjoy losing. 90% of engagements start with both sides immediately turning around and trying to kite away from eachother.


Playing destroyers in general? Go right ahead! so long as you enjoy getting perma spotted and focused by CVs and radar cruisers. I don't see nearly as many DDs as I used to, by far they are the least well represented class of ships in all my games played recently.

Playing in fun and interesting ways just isnt what the game is designed for anymore. even Brawling in German BBs is a near impossible task because you will never ever get any support form your team because the know that pushing with you is gonna get them killed.

Playing Cruisers is hell because with the lack of DDs you are the ones expected to push and scout, and in any lightly armoured CL that's a dangerous idea, and being radared in the open in a CL is even worse than in a DD.

interesting positioning and flanking? more like bait for CVs to farm you for xp. AP bombs are insanely broken and no ship has a reasonable way to deal with them. CVs farm more citadels than BBs these days. Whats the point in AA that kills half a squadron if the drop only uses 3 planes and the CV replenishes them over time? all your BB AA amounts to nothing then.

TLDR: Meta sucks because it forces everyone to play super passive. Brawling BBs suck, CVs counter everything, DDs are in a tough spot and its not fun playing them, There's only one real viable build these days, everything else sucks, AA is for decoration and Interesting game play is for chumps

Thanks for attending my Rant, what needs to change?

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