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WorldOfWarships6 - State of the Subreddit 2019

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Rules, Reports, Redesigns: The Three ''R''s of the Moderator Headache

Hi, everyone. We're two weeks into 2019. I know we're late.

This modpost has been a long time in the making since we've had a few issues crop up, but now is as good a time as any to finally address all these things. Like the last modpost, there's going to be a bunch of moaning and bi*ching, and as tedious as it is, I firmly suggest you read all of it. There's some very important things in there.

There's also going to be a bit of look at what we're planning to change up about the subreddit soon.

Without any further ado, let's get on with it!

Important Thing #1: Flair abuse

I don't even know where to start with this one. Reddit's redesign has been a fairly dismal experience for us, with reddit forcing an essentially incomplete version of the website on us, and setting this as the default experience for new users.

I say ''incomplete'' because the redesign currently lacks CSS support. We don't just use CSS to make the subreddit look pretty, but it's also very useful for appending custom flairs to users. This doesn't just mean the April Fools flairs, but also the exceedingly important unique flairs reserved for quality contributors, CCs, supertesters, and developers.

Instead we have to make do with the regular flair system, where you can just give yourself a funny thing behind your name, like we have on old reddit as well.

There's a really, really important implication here:


We've already caught someone abusing the lack of custom flairs on the redesign to make himself look like a supertester. The two solutions we have for this problem are

1: Completely disable custom flairs for anyone except mods


2: Harshly deal with whoever decides to abuse this pretty awkward situation.

Since we don't feel like punishing everyone just because there's a handful of rotten apples out there, we've decided to go with option #2.

This means that, and I'm putting this in big fat letters so it's impossible to miss:


  1. Quality contributor

  2. Supertester

  3. Community contributor

  4. Moderator

  5. Wargaming


Or, in much simpler terms:


Don't even try to get away with it because the moment WG notices, we tend to notice, because WG generally immediately pokes me when someone pulls this shit.

I'm sorry for the markup eyesore but we want this to be extremely clear to everyone.

Important Thing 2: Inter-class and inter-server rivalry and ribbing

I addressed this in the headaches post and it's still a problem. I realize it's not in the rules, which is on us, so we've been lenient on it, but we really want to reiterate that this sort of shitty behavior will not be tolerated anymore.

I know this particular line might be blurry, so here's two quick examples of what is fine and what isn't:


''dae destroyers are overpowered? They have a big impact on the game, can abuse one of the most powerful mechanics in this game, and a bad DD can really fu*k up your game in the early game.''


''haha dae dd players are cunts''

''baBBy joke''


''haha delet cv'' and its hundreds of varieties

The ''haha fix cvs by deleting them'' joke has been done to death. It's not funny. You're not funny. Shaming people for the class they have picked to play is not the atmosphere we wish to cultivate here, and doing it from this point onward is going to get you banned per rule 5.

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I want to make it abundantly clear that we do not wish to stifle serious discussion on the game's balance and general state, but there is a line between serious discussion and needlessly putting people down for playing x or y class. Cross that line and you're out.

The same flies for needlessly shitting on someone because they play on x or y server, as this will no doubt be a big thing come the next installment of KotS.

Important Thing 3: Bullshit reports

I don't know who you are, but please, for the love of all that is holy, stop reporting every fu*king thing that has naughty words in it. We won't delete them and we've already reached out to the admins about a solution to this issue.

We're getting exceedingly sick of having 50-60 reports in the modqueue with 50 of them being the same person reporting any comment or post that has a naughty word in it as ''toxic''. Traditionally we do not consider profanity by itself to be toxic, and judge this based on context instead. A lot of the comments that get reported just… aren't toxic.

This has now spread to comments that include the word ''dumb'' and ''stupid'' as well. As a great example, I'd like someone to explain to me how this comment can be construed as toxic.

Or, to put it very simply:

Naughty words are not toxic by themselves. We do not consider the use of profanity to be toxic just by itself. Please stop reporting comments for profanity.

I'm really mad about this one, if you can't tell.

Also please stop reporting every comment or post critical of Wargaming while you're at it. Thanks.

Important Thing 4: The redesign (rules, general moaning)

I already briefly addressed this in Important Thing 1 but I want a dedicated point for this one.

The redesign really has been a very dismal experience for us. We have a very high amount of developer and contributor interaction and presence on the subreddit and we're very reliant on custom CSS flairs to distinguish these people. We're not the only community on reddit reliant on CSS to make everything look spiffy and distinguish quality contributors, developers or other people of note (look at pretty much any big video game subreddit).

So what does Reddit, in all their wisdom, decide to do? Ship the redesign without CSS support, give us a ''Soon'' on the arrival of CSS support, and then make the shit redesign the default experience. At least the opt-out button is pretty visible.

(They originally weren't even going to give us custom CSS anymore but that led to a pretty considerable shitstorm.)

Apart from the CSS mess, there's also the fact that, for some reason, subreddit description and rules are not shared across old and new reddit. That's right. We have two descriptions and two rulesets. I didn't know this until I was informed of the fact that our new reddit rules do not match our old reddit rules by someone who asked why their thread was getting nuked. I have been using for months and foolishly assumed that Reddit would do the logical, sane thing and make the ruleset universal. But they didn't. Fu*k me.

We're aware of the rule mess and taking it as an opportunity to also redo/redefine some of the rules a bit and add to them, so it'll be fixed soon. Please bear with us, and I apologize for any head scratching inflicted upon people who got their threads nuked for seemingly no proper reason.

Important Thing 5: Weekly threads

Let's be real: our weekly threads are a mess. AutoModerator pins various threads on various days of the week, which tends to force threads that we actually want to keep pinned off the pins. I had to re-pin the Ishizuchi code megathread so much that Tsukiumi's userpage (which I had to visit to find it) started appearing in my most visited pages in Chrome. I'm not even joking.

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Since we also noticed they are a mess, we've made the decision to toss pretty much most of them out and introduce one new one:

  • Monday: Ship Spotlight (this one's new)
  • Friday: FAQ thread
  • Saturday: scorecard thread

The FAQ and scorecard threads are used. We'd rather not nuke those. Skippy suggested doing a ship spotlight thread where we pick a ship, write some technical/historical bits about it, maybe some game input, then leave it pinned through Monday to Thursday-ish so people can discuss that ship. A number of other video game subreddits have these spotlight threads and they can be pretty fun and informative, and we'd like to test the waters on this one.

It finally gives me some sort of use for my small collection of naval history books as well.

If you want to pitch in, be it through a ship suggestion, technical or historical know how, or if you just want to run the thread for a week or something, feel free to PM us (link below) and I'm sure we can figure something out.

Structuring it like this also gives us a free pin every day for announcements and other stuff. We think it'll be pretty elegant and cool. Let's see how it turns out.


  • Do not abuse the shitty redesign flair system or you're getting permabanned
  • Stop shitting on players for playing x class or on y server
  • Stop reporting comments with naughty words in them
  • The redesign is bad right now; please bear with us while we try to make it a little less bad
  • We're un-fu*king weekly threads.

If you read the whole thing, bless you. I love you.

Feedback on all of the above is very welcome. You can get this to us by messaging us or PMing me or whatever. If it's good feedback we'll discuss it. If it's bad feedback we'll laugh at it (just kidding).

I think this about sums up all we have to say for now. Some things I want to say:

  • I know how the infobox works now. I'll try to keep it updated. Tsukiumi also knows how it works and is a veritable reddit monster, so it'll probably stay up to date now.
  • I need to change the header. I know how it works a little better. The next one will probably have carriers and be somewhat less crusty. I apologize vehemently for the lack of Purrfurst this year but the holidays were very busy for all of us.

Thanks for reading, and a belated happy 2019!

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