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Even though I don't play through steam I thought I'd check out the reviews over there after getting fucked by a carrier all game and shooting down 4 planes. 72K in total, more than I was expecting through steam. But reading the reviews, 'very positive' overall and recently, I thought that doesn't seem right. On every other forum and every in-game chat people don't seem 'very positive' about the game. So I read through a few pages and of course it stank of fake reviews. The 'Games Media' reviews read like they watched the crappy trailers and never even played the game but that's another point. What is their incentive for ass-licking reviews?


One user review talked about how fun 'fleet management' was and called it a game of chess. Loads of these 1 line positive reviews with single digit hours in the game or even 0.4 hours; they spent longer downloading the game than playing it but felt like giving a good thorough recommendation. Users with only 1 or 2 products in their library, wrote a good review at 6 hrs playtime and then didn't play the game again? All the positive reviews with developer responses of course, oh thank you for your honest review. One review with a dozen hours said oh great game can't wait for them to add submarines….I hope that was satire because otherwise its straight mockery. A big middle finger with 'fuck you' tattooed on it, like designing the perfect money grabbing miserable gambling machine wasn't enough they have to taunt you too because making money got boring. Reading through the not recommended reviews I see more of what I was expecting. Any players with hundreds or thousands of hours in the game voicing well laid out objections to management and design of the game, the arguments we've all heard before. It's like every design choice in the game is put through a psychology department instead of a playtest to make sure it annoys people just enough to keep them in that goldilocks zone of addicted but unsatisfied and in search of 'fun' without actually reaching it. Maybe if I just covert xp and skip this one or maybe I'll buy that premium. That 1 game in 30 that lines up the MM the RNG, the teammates, the enemy not running away and losing so fast you don't even see another ship. For that one little hit of dopamine…. after you burned through 29 games of signals and camos of course and provided the other players with their punching bags to keep them playing.

I wonder if the steam reviews were put through those scripts that analyse amazon reviews for fakes what it would produce? Fake reviews would be childsplay for a free to play game. Gotta keep those naïve newcomers flowing as the veteran players finally throw up their hands and say ''you win wargaming, I'm outta here.''

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