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Strasbourg Review & Opportunity

WorldOfWarships3 - Strasbourg Review & Opportunity

My Review for Tier VII French BB Strasbourg and discussion why owning her sooner than later might pay off for you with the 2 campaigns running during update 0.9.12

With the opportunity for so many to earn her for free this update in the "Strasbourg" campaign, and the fact she is required to fully unlock and complete the "Ships & Fates" Campaign prompted me to create this review.

Completing The Ships and fates campaign 6 stages will reward us 6 tech tree T5 ships long with a permanent winter camo for each. A 6 pt Santa themed captain for each & 6 x Santa containers

The trick is that as in past similar campaigns, you can only complete the missions for the 1st of the six missions before you own the Strasbourg and you actually need the Strasbourg to play the final mission to earn your first ship & gain access to the 2nd – 6th missions of this campaign.

Completing the Strasbourg campaign normally will leave you barely a week to complete the entire Ships and fates campaign – Possible, but you will have no life.

So this becomes an opportunity for some. Particularly if you already have 9800 doubloons sitting in your in game wallet, you can buy Strasbourg in the armory in game. She comes with her regular permanent camo, a port slot and you get a month long bonus xp mission. great as a captain trainer, especially the next few days with 200% first victory bonuses.


Then – Upon completing the Strasburg campaign, you will receive her winter perma camo, a port slot and 9500 doubloons compensation. so a net cost of just 300 doubloons.

What you gain from purchasing her early, you will have the time remaining during this update – just over 3 weeks to complete Both Strasburg and the Ships and fates campaigns – the missions are not that difficult and most should be able to finish most if not all if you look at the missions and play according to the requirements.

This is especially advantageous for newer captains getting 6 different t5 ships with perma camo and 6pt captains, but even if you own them all already in your port, that nets you around 5 million credits along with the crates, captains and the perma camo.

During the replay, I discuss both the ship herself, and our options that exist during this update with owning her, and also the different paths we have to completing both of the campaigns if both of these interest you.

At the end of the replay discussion, I also show her armor layout, and the recommended skills and equipment for her.

Check out my review :

The Ships & Fates campaign Rewards:

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