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Submarines and how I feel about them

WorldOfWarships7 - Submarines and how I feel about them

Personally I’m having a blast with them, they are everything I wanted and more.

Do they hit hard? Oh yes.

Are they sneaky? Omg yes

Are they OP? Well yes and no.

Much like a CV it’s heavily team dependent. Your team fails? You’re gonna get hunted by too many things to fight at once, can a competent captain pull some crazy maneuvers against DDs? Oh yeah for sure, I surfaced to point blank torp a DD circling around behind me as I knew depth charges don’t hit surface ships and his guns needed to traverse to hit me, had he paid me any mind he would’ve torped to keep me under or kept his guns aimed at me, he also could’ve kept going straight off rather than trying to turn a tight circle or stopping above me to sit on my head as it were to prevent me from getting off a point blank surface strike.

However my team had failed and the enemy sub had torps tracking me, my victory was short lived and I sank.

I think so long as you have a competent team you’ll do okay in subs.

What I do want from subs- better tracking up and down on torpedos, it’s currently too easy to avoid enemy subs and vice versa. Leading to long drawn out battles underwater, simply making torps change depth faster would mean the subs are gonna have to cut it a lot closer when avoiding them as currently diving hard or surfacing hard will make them miss by a country mile.

And considering MANY ships are going to be outfitted with depth charges and at some point possibly hedgehog launchers I don’t think subs are going to have it as easy as they do now.


The massive scores and damage you see subs doing are usually because people who haven’t touched the subs yet or refuse to aren’t learning how those subs work and what the sub drivers do and have to do to make those scores happen.

I’ve waited for a long time for subs and I think they are decently balanced simply by being team dependent, however it means DD drivers cannot be hasty and waste their life fighting other DDs. It’s going to slow down DD gameplay from high octane turn and burn torpedo action to “maybe I should be careful getting near that cap trying to duel other DDs because I’m the first line of defense against subs who survive to the late game”

So many time DDs like to just do their damage take their cap and die and they didn’t have to worry so long as they got a kill or two, but now I feel this will force a more thoughtful playstyle because as the fastest and “stealthiest” ships (not including subs) it’s gonna be their real job to stay alive so when everything comes down to the wire they can pick on the isolated subs who are milling about without backup.

I think with some light tweaks and the possibility of more cruisers or even certain BBs having access to ASW weapons of sorts it’s going to make for much more dynamic sub gameplay and less frustrating for a team whose DDs could not be relied upon as once DDs are gone all you have are the subs and they suck currently at hitting other subs and really only get it to work by luck or enemy incompetence

Fix that, and I’d say subs were ready for random battles

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