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WorldOfWarships5 - Suggestions for new game modes

Ahoy Commander,

Recently, I was talking with u/tabericos on a Discord server and we were talking about some potential game modes for World of Warships since we found the current diversity of game modes rather "lacklustre" (by lack of a better term).
I mean, all we have right now that I'm aware off is:

  • Domination
  • "standard" (capture the enemy base)
  • Epicenter
  • Arms Race (not really into random battles yet as far as I know)

While having this conversation, we came up with some ideas similar to game modes other games have, but, of course, adapted to suit World of Warships a bit better. So here, I am sharing them with you.
The names I'll be giving the game modes are just something I came up with on the fly.
Please do note that these are just ideas we came up with, Wargaming might already have considered them (or even be working on them) and other community members might have already shared them before.
I also am aware that Wargaming also already seems to struggle with balance but honestly, I don't think that's a subject we should be discussing in this thread so please leave those comments somewhere else. 🙂
I am, however, very open to suggestions made by you, so please, feel free to leave them down below 🙂
Without any further ado, let's sail into it!

Valuable Cargo

This game mode is pretty simple, one cargo ship in the middle (what it carries, is up for your imagination, I won't judge you) two teams on the side.
Both teams want the valuable cargo on the ship and will fight to the end for it.
In order to get the cargo ship, a team has to have a ship within a certain range of the cargo ship, after which it will start to turn around and sail to the escorting team's base.
The enemy team now has to stop you from escorting the ship, either by sinking you or contesting (sailing into the range of the cargo ship).
The team that gets the cargo ship into their base before the time expires, wins.
If no team gets the cargo ship into their base, the team on which side the cargo is the closest wins.
Be careful to not sink the cargo ship though or your team automatically loses (yes, I am aware this could also be used to intentionally grief a game)!

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Intelligence (Payload)

This game mode also is fairly simple, one team ("attackers") has a suitcase carrying valuable intelligence, the other team ("defenders") wants to stop this intelligence from reaching the enemy base (yes, you spawn in front of the enemy base).
In order to stop them from reaching their base, they have to sink the ship that it's on.
When they succeed in doing so, they must now defend the suitcase until it has sunk to the bottom of the ocean (a few minutes).
In this time, the attackers need to re-obtain the suitcase or they lose.
Be aware though, the defending team has bugged the suitcase and it sends a general location of the suitcase every 10 seconds (to prevent sneaky destroyers from just going all the way around the map with it).

At first, we came up with having this suitcase be Unsinkable Sam… but just leaving Unsinkable Sam to drown is kinda rude…

Sink or be sunk

This is a variation on the "Valuable Cargo" game mode.
In this game mode, we have on heck of a beefed-up ship (neutral in the beginning) in the middle of the middle.
But instead of having not to be sunk, your goal is to actually sink it or all the enemy ships before it reaches the enemy base.
The main difference between this game mode and its cousin is that this time, the ship will actually fight back while sailing (+1 for wargaming if it also tries to dodge torpedos).
If your team sinks it, instead, it will become invulnerable (and stop shooting), turn around and start Shooting the enemy that is within its…
So if it gets sunk by the enemy team…
You better tell your rowers to row faster…

Hide & Seek

This is more of a "for fun" game mode.
One or two people are the "seekers" and the other 10(?) are the hiders.
The goal is for the seekers to hunt down and eliminate the hiders, while the hiders try to… well… hide…
If the seekers manage to sink all hiders within the time limit, they win, else, they lose.
An additional win-condition is to sink all seekers.
But beware, the seekers get some buffs (like a bigger health pool and faster, more nimble ships) to help them.

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Of course, it isn't much fun to be a hider all the time (or even to be a seeker all the time) so if you play X amount of games in a certain role, you'll become the opposite role in the next game, guaranteed!

So, commanders, that's about it for now.
What do you think?
Are you interested in these game modes?
Let me know!

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