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T10 is absolute, utter, irredeemable trash

WorldOfWarships4 - T10 is absolute, utter, irredeemable trash

So I'm coming back from one of my periodic breaks from WoWs (started with CBT, usually play for a few weeks/months and then drop the game when I feel my salt levels get too high), and I have to say that, without a shadow of a doubt, T10 is absolute trash to play.

WoWs has never been a brilliantly balanced game, but I feel over my last two breaks, T10 has gone from unforgiving to downright unplayable frustrating. This is purely from my perspective, but here are some bullet points as to why I think T10 has become so unpleasant:

– CVs. Need no introduction, but the current crop of meta T10 CVs are absolutely brutal to be on the receiving end. FDR is rare, but MVR, Haku, Midway are common enough and just dump on everyone, DD, BB, CA, CL, etc.

– HE Spam. T10 has some absolutely frightening flamethrowers which make AP-based ships feel kind of irrelevant. What's the point of playing a Yamato when a Thunderer or Conquerer will land 10-12k HE salvos consistently, or Smolensks can start dozens of fires a minute. Hell, I don't even see Kremlins all that often anymore, and they're immune to most HE.

– Static gameplay. This is a big one, and a byproduct of overtuned HE spam (BBs don't want to push), radar oversaturation (DDs don't want to push) and CVs (no one wants to venture alone to flank), which results in the teams just sailing in slight evasive patterns whittling each other down over time until the last few ships alive might be able to do something dynamic. It's boring, not engaging, and doesn't reward playing anything other than meta DPM-based ships.


– Potatos. This is an oversimplification, but dear god do I see some consistently awful gameplay at T10 which boggles the mind. The combo of the game's continued lack of proper tutorials after years and ways to whale your way to high tier without really learning anything (ARP Yamato only being the most recent and extreme example) in a tier which is by far the most unforgiving of mistakes makes for consistent blowout matches, because the MM isn't designed to deal with huge skill imbalances.

I feel that how long I go without ragequitting for a while is directly related to how much I have to play T10 due to whatever event or grind is on at a given time. I was working on the Epochs campaign, and enjoying having a reason to muck around at low tiers, play more of my favourite mid tier ships (shiny horse and Haida will never not be fun), but oh boy did I hit a concrete wall at Mach 10 upon which my soul was broken. Even my beloved Jean Bart, Mogador and Friesland are an absolute chore to play on getting uptiered.

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