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T7 UK Battleship Proposal: HMS Anson

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Yes another one of the KGV sisters, but stay with me, trying for something a bit less spammy than the actual KGV and a bit more rewarding than the rather odd DoY. The Anson is slightly better then the KGV in most ways, but with one pretty hefty drawback.


HMS Anson : One of the last of the KGV's and slightly delayed for some wartime modifications, the ship itself didn't have too fascinating a history but certainly covered some miles from escorting Arctic conveys to accepting the Japanese surrender at Hong Kong. Anson and Howe strayed a touch away from the KGV but it's more a touch of history that I'm hoping will create a different ship.


The Ship

Health: 64400hp. At 45,360t the Anson was a bit heavier then the earlier KGV counterparts thanks to assorted extra equipment and improved anti-flooding measures. As a quick note this should have been the HP for the Monarch, Wows uses weight to calculate the HP and the 15'' Monarch design was rejected for being too heavy at the time.

Belt armour: 14.7'' at thickest. See the KGV, quite a tanky mainbelt but with the same drawbacks vs IFHE spammers.

Flooding probability: 24%

Torpedo damage reduction: 24%. Very slight improvements over the KGV but still a world away from the US Battleship counterparts.

Fire and flood duration: Standard T7 BB.



Max speed: 28 knots

790m Turning circle

15s ruddershift

Surface Detectability Range: 14.58km

Air Detectability Range: 10km

So far so KGV, no great surprises here. A tiny bit more torp defence and a bit more health. But don't worry this ship needs the ability to hang around a touch longer. Concealment is a touch worse than the DoYs but it's all in the decimals and a CV spots everything anyway.



Well here's where the changes start to happen…

356 mm/45 Mk VII

2×4 + 1×2 Mounts

Reload Time: 25 sec.

Rotation Speed: 4.5 deg./sec.

180 Degree Turn Time: 40 sec.

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Firing Range: 18.85 km.

Maximum Dispersion: 240m, 1.95 sigma

Maximum AP Shell Damage: 10,500

Initial AP Shell Velocity: 757 m./s.

AP Shell Weight: 721 kg



Accurate guns? On a RN BB? Yep. But the KGV is already OP due to it's DPM? Yep. But you might see something is missing. No HE shell. The Anson doesn't get HE. This is actually historically justified, although having a HE shell available the KGVs rarely ever actually carried any. A typically loadout was 95% APC rounds. So a KGV with no HE. The improved accuracy, tweaked range and traverse are to get the most out of those AP rounds becuase that's all you're getting and fighting well angled targets is not going to be easy. The perfect anti-potato ship, will struggle against good players.


134 mm/50 QF Mk I

8 х 2 pcs.

Firing Range 6.0 km.

Rate of Fire 9 shots/min.

Reload Time 6.67 sec.

Maximum HE Shell Damage: 1,900

Initial HE Shell Velocity: 792 m./s.

Chance of Fire: 8%


The standard 5.25 we have all come to mostly forget about, performance figures here are exactly the same as the KGV's with one exception, 1km extra on the firing range, given for the Anson becuase the secondary guns are her only fire starting capability. This is why the ship has a bit more HP then the KGV, against angled targets or being uptiered to a point where the 14'' guns hit their pen limits the ships DPM capability will drop to almost 0, slightly better turret traverse is given to change targets but that's not always viable. The ship might be relying on that extra fire or two and a touch more brawling or pushing then you would normally be comfortable with in order to start doing damage again.


AA defence

See KGV: I'm not even going to try with the new mess of an AA system. She has pretty much the same as the KGV B hull. Decent, but that doesn't seem to especially matter that much anymore.

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Consumable slots

1: Damage control party (Standard)

2: Repair party (Standard RN BB)

3: Spotting Aircraft

The Anson and Howe actually got their aircraft facilities removed later on to make more room for radars and AA, but the ship isn't getting radar, AA is currently a giant shrug and with the loss of HE that would leave the captain with not a lot of options at any given time. Would really love some new consumables to give more choices pls WG…


So that's my take on an AP focused accurate RN BB, slight buffs to HP and gunnery but losing that big DPM potential KGV players know and love, the Dresden HE salvos.

Discussion welcome!

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