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TEST 4: Cleve IFHE vs Non-IFHE – T8 BB 32mm plating – This will rustle some jimmies!

WorldOfWarships4 - TEST 4: Cleve IFHE vs Non-IFHE - T8 BB 32mm plating - This will rustle some jimmies!

TEST 4a: Cleve IFHE vs none – T8 BB's 32mm plating

*Wow this was not expected!! It goes against a lot advice!! *


After completing extensive testing on the Smolensk with IFHE in various scenarios I have decided to give the 152's a test vs the 32mm BB plating at equal or higher tiers. IFHE is required to penetrate the bow and sterns on these BB's. This test is designed to find out if your damage output is increased or decreased when facing these opponents. Many have recommended IFHE on 152 and 155 boats in order to pen 32 and 38mm armour.


The method closely reflects the method in test 2 and 3. The setup in this test was as follows:

  • NC
  • Monarch
  • Rich
  • Bis
  • Amagi

All of these boats have 32mm bow and stern plating that 152 caliber guns cannot penetrate unless they take IFHE. The method of attack on these 5 boats is as follows:

  1. Attack super structure until fire
  2. Move to next super structure until fire
  3. Move to stern until fire
  4. Move to Bow until fire
  5. Move to next boat until all boats have been set alight
  6. Repeat until all boats dead.

This method replicates a fire farming strategy which is most recommended when attacking BB's with a light cruiser.


The findings are very different to my initial predictions pre-test. The key takeaways are:

  1. NON-IFHE was able to kill the 5 BB's 16% faster even without being able to pen the bow and stern
  2. IFHE build had more than double the alpha value on BB's.
  3. IFHE had less than half the fire damage than a non IFHE build.
  4. IFHE was able to set a third less fires even though IFHE build has a 40% lower fire chance (8% vs 14%)
  5. IFHE build was able to penetrate almost all shells fired at the BB's, non-IFHE could only pen 52%.


The general consensus is that people should be taking IFHE on 152mm guns because it will allow you to pen BB bow and sterns. Interestingly the advice is to NOT take IFHE on the Smolensk. However my tests show it does not decrease the damage output, in fact it increases it by about 5-10% when targeting a wide selection of boats at the cost of 4 points. Back to the 152 test. My results found that your damage output when attacking BB's is significantly higher WITHOUT IFHE. This test is targeting only ships that have armour plating that is affected by IFHE penetration changes. I did not test on boats where IFHE is not relevant since it would be a pure nerf to any IFHE build.

In my opinion lower ROF and higher fire chance boats it is better to NOT take IFHE despite the inability to pen BB bow and sterns. This is also accentuated by the fact the higher the tier BB the more plating that is out of IFHE build range there is AND under T8 most BB plating is 26mm meaning it is not required to take IFHE when attacking these targets. On other boats such as cruisers it is not required to take IFHE since most cruisers are covered in <30mm plating with the exception of a few decks. All other boats such as cruisers and BB's within the base HE pen threshold and above IFHE pen threshold would be worse if you use IFHE since all you will be doing is losing fire chance. You will have a higher damage output on these targets without IFHE.

Therefore I can quite clearly conclude that IFHE on lower ROF and higher fire chance 152mm gun boats is NOT recommended…. IN MY OPINION… Please don't kill me! LOL

Please share your thoughts.


Results Data:
JioXqDm - TEST 4: Cleve IFHE vs Non-IFHE - T8 BB 32mm plating - This will rustle some jimmies!

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