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Tested AA on DM on the PST

WorldOfWarships6 - Tested AA on DM on the PST

I know everyone is concerned about the power of CVs and the state of AA on the PTS right now. It's hard to get a great idea of exactly what's good, bad, and ugly though because you largely play bots.

After Flamu's video, and posting up 300k damage in my first Midway game, I thought it was time to try out the DM.

My loadout was pretty simple:

  • My modules where all pretty standard DM fair, but I went with AA improvement on every option except improving their HP.

  • I took the normal set of DM flags, including the AA improvement flag.

  • My captain used 14 of the 15 points I had available. I went the standard DM build + Manual AA, so I didn't have AFT or BFT. You could also take the Catapault Fighter Skill, but that meant giving up AA on the DM, which I didn't find realistic, even for testing AA.

The Battle:

  • 1 enemy Midway, and Wooster + team of bots

  • 1 friendly Hak + me

  • At the start I informed the Midway that I was full AA spec for testing, and asked him to attack me once he was ready to do so during the battle.

About minutes in he attacked me, eventually something like 4 times:

  • The first attack was TBs and I shot down all of them, I'm not sure he got a single attack off.

  • The 2nd attack was bombers, and I'm not sure how many made it out, but I didn't get hit.

  • There was a half attack or so that didn't do much, where he pulled back after the first drop of TBs.

  • The last attack was DBs. He hit me and started 2 fires, and did a good chunk of damage, but I really didn't avoid him that much because I was being attacked by a ship.

Overall I shot down 28 aircraft, and he wasn't able to be very effective against me, but it wasn't impossible for him to get off an attack either. My overall thoughts afterwards:

  • The range of the DM wasn't large enough to be helpful to anyone besides myself in most situations.

  • DF made a notable difference when they were on the side I had my AA switched too, but I don't think it's cooldown is short enough to deal with more than 1 CV.

  • AA still has this weird feeling because it only helps you vs 1 type of ship instead of 3. Still feels like too much trade off when it comes to modules, skills, etc.

  • Switching sides between your AA is too slow.

  • When a Aircraft squad is over your front or rear, is it getting hit by your strong side or not? It's not clear.

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