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Testing CV rework for the first time on PTS: It’s easy mode. What was WG thinking?

WorldOfWarships5 - Testing CV rework for the first time on PTS: It's easy mode. What was WG thinking?

Ok, I expect this to be a fairly controversial subject, but as someone who has a lot of battles and above average results in the other three ship classes, here goes.

I played a few matches of Implacable and Lexington, did ok, just was getting used to the mechanics, how to avoid flak, how to approach drops, when to avoid AA heavy groups. Did ok.

Then I used PTS FXP to upgrade to Audacious and Midway.

Holy crap.

I'm pulling 100k games with nearly no idea of WTF i'm doing, getting multiple kills, denying caps, perma-spotting DDs or flanking ships.

I genuinely feel bad for the ships i'm beating up because I feel like there's little to no counterplay.

To anyone saying "Just dodge", well, i'm sorry, i've seen people trying to turn hard and adjust their speed last second and if i've lined myself up right, I still land hefty salvos of HE bombs on BB/CA/CL and slightly smaller amounts on DDs.

Knocking huge hunks out of DDs with HE bombs feels dirty. I know it's even tighter dispersion on live, ugh, that's just disgusting.

What needs fixing?

1) Spotting – Being able to put planes over a DD and basically perma-spot it as you farm it for damage is busted. You allow your team to punish the DD even worse than radar as at least a DD can run from radar circle, they can't escape 150+ knot planes. IMHO this needs to be changed to mini-map spotting only


2) AA is all or nothing. Either I have a flak cloud pop up directly under my squad and it dies or I am casually weaving between clouds. The DPS of mounts feels inconsequential. I should be punished the longer I stay in range of AA heavy ships and I don't feel that's the case. Either AA needs to lose flak and go back to % chance to hit DPS with overlapping bubbles or surface ships need manually aimed AA

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3) Overall damage. I feel like I can do too much to anyone I want. Doesn't matter their map location, angling, positioning or anything, I can reach out and bitchslap them. Might cost me a squad, but I can hurt/finish things anywhere

Conclusion: I'm honestly not sure that CVs can ever be properly balanced. Either AA will be TOO powerful and punish CVs when uptiered or it'll be too weak and CVs will run rampant as they seem to be doing today.

I'm going to lean towards the removal of them entirely, as CVs every match is just not fun and that seems to be WG's vision. Reinforced by the fact that Tier X ranked will have CVs and CVs are rumored to be coming next clan battles season.

Bonus clip of "fun and engaging" gameplay against a Grozovoi

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