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The cost of Unique Upgrades NEEDS to be lowered

WorldOfWarships7 - The cost of Unique Upgrades NEEDS to be lowered

I'm a regular here, but also posted this on the forums because I really want WG to see this. I feel this actually requires a legitimate fix rather than a circle jerk and I hope WG takes notice.

Unique Upgrades (UU) are a mechanic I really find interesting in this game as they're a great way to expand the play-style of your favorite ships. For example, a unique upgrade Henri plays VERY differently from a concealment Henri, same goes with Des Moines and many other ships. Unique Upgrades previously had a mission system that required you to play a lot of games in the ship in order to acquire the upgrade and I thought this was ideal. Unique upgrades are supposed to expand on your favorite ships and you acquired them as a reward for playing the ship over many many games. This made sense.

When the Research Bureau was released, UU were taken away from the mission system and given to the Research Bureau as a purchasable option with RP. While I believe this was a poor decision in terms of why UU exist, I understand that WG wants players to play tiers other than T10 and UU missions of course required you to play T10. I'll accept this was likely the main factor in their decision. However… what isn't acceptable is the exorbitant cost of purchasing a UU from the Research Bureau. I am in a competitive hurricane level clan that is top 10 on the server and we literally cannot afford to buy UUs. If we can't afford it, who can? Just people who no-life this game and play 6+ hours a day every day and reset lines constantly? People like UUs, that's not the issue here. The issue is that people grind the Research Bureau because it's only way to acquire rare and unique ships such Slava, Yolo Emilio, Sigfreid, and Colbert or cb required ships such as the Ohio. These ships are all very expensive and may months to acquire if you don't focus most or all game time on just grinding rp. Because of the expense of these ships, as far as I can tell most if not all wows players (us purple clans included) just sit and laugh at the insane cost of a UU relative to a purchasing a Research Bureau ship. If a unique RB ship is already gonna take us minimum a month to acquire, why would we ever delay getting a ship by 19200 RP for a single upgrade because you enjoy another ship you already have?


The math for UUs just doesn't add up. It's like charging nearly have the price of a car on a single neat optional extra. The optional extra is cool, but no-one in their right mind would ever actually purchase it. They would simply laugh at it instead (as we do with Unique Upgrade pricing).

The issue becomes greater with things like clan battles. Because of the insane price of UUs in the research bureau, newer players who never acquired the mission chains are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to some ships. Ships like Gearing, Des Moines, Moskva, etc that have UU that are very important for clan battles (but are not necessary for randoms) is an unfair disadvantage for them simply because they're new. Before if a newer player wanted to play clan battles in his first t10, he could simply grind out the Gearing or DM UU over 2 weeks and be on a level playing field with the rest. That is no longer possible.

Rant is over. WG please give this a serious look at fix this. The insane RP cost of Unique Upgrades is making them basically not exist for anyone who didn't acquire the missions. Lower the cost to a more reasonable amount and you will surely see more of Unique Upgrades purchased.

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