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The Crystal Ball: German Battlecruisers tech tree slipt

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Note of the thread creator: this post wasn´t made by me. It´s was made by a a dear friend (which also collab with another three users) who do this bunch of info. So, if you have questions I can respond late because I need to ask first him because him is more expert in the German BCs than me. Also, the original post was created in Spanish, so the pics are in Spanish but hope that doesn´t suppose any difficult for anyone.

Introduction and main characteristics of German BCs

As our team thought of how to balance this ships, we had in mind what the historical ones did, specially the ones form the famous I Scouting Group; therefore, the ships should behave differently from the nowadays German BBs They should be faster and slightly less armored but having more speed The guns would be either low on mm or on barrel count The ships would act as mobile accurate gun platforms which support the fast moving cruisers, dealing with the enemy battleships In higher tiers, you get a mix of French and RN Vanguard style kind of ships. Very fast and with punchy guns but lacking the tank capabilities or secondaries of the main BB tree. Other common traits of all ships are:

-They are all Imperial German ships from tier 3 to 9 while the tier 10 is a purely fictional ship but heavily based on real Kaiserliche projects

-All of the real ships (including the tier 6) which were built in reality (or at least partially built) have historical WW1 hulls.

-I proposed myself the “what if” modernizations patterned after WG ones I even have the stats I would put on those ships (discounting sigma, dispersion and other formulas; if someone needs an specific value, I’m sure we can agree on it)

As for pure game characteristics, we thought that they should have been fast, somewhat stealthy (without out spotting similar tier cruisers) and with good AA defense. The armor layout changes at tier 6 but the ships shall remain tanky when angled right. At hig h tiers, you could also expect a close equivalent to the US citadel .

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Hope this is liked and easy to read. The first 2 tiers are coming soon (is difficult to translate by hand.

Tier 3 and 4 The German Way

The first of the German battlecruiser was a “copy” of the British Invincible class, because the previous cruiser Blucher was outclassed. She marked the German idea for their BCs, trading gun power for a higher speed while having only slightly worse armor than contemporary dreadnoughts. The first of those ships ws the Von der Tann:

Warning!! Some of the characteristics listed here (like training arcs for example) were extracted from this book. The ingame ones are purely estimated or what I would say for the ships. If any of you have doubts, please ask I may take a while to answer but will try:

Tier III

 A Hull HP: 32400 

B Hull HP: 36000

 Armor: 250mm Main Belt Böshung (that sloping piece of armor right behind the belt) 50mm Armament: 4x2 28cm SK (SK means QF) L45 “en echelon” Reload: 22 secs (As Nassau before nerf) Turning speed of main guns 60 secs for 180 degrees Training arcs (I assume directly from bow is 0 degrees; I use the German way for turrets) A turret : 210º -150º B turret 5º -180º y 235º -315º (This last 2 values and the ones for D turret don’t know what they are; maybe are the ones across the deck) C turret 26º -334º D turret 180º -356º y 55º -125º Range 10700m with GFCS 1 12300m with GFCS 2 Secondary guns: A hull 10x1 150mm 16x1 88mm B hull 10x1 150mm 8x1 88mm AA (B hull only) 4x1 88mm MPL C/13 Speed 23 kts stock engine 27 kts upgraded engine Rudder shift: 15 secs A hull 11 secs B hull Turning circle radius: 540m Concealment 10,200m from sea 7500 from air Consumables: standard German BB ones 

For the next 2 classes, the Germans went for a layout similar to the Kaiser class BBs; echelon was retained but a fifth turret was located in a super firing position at the back, directly above old C turret. The resulting class was the Moltke and Goeben. In order to get another third unit while improving seaworthiness and thickening the main belt, the Germans built probably one if not the most famous of their kind before Derfflinger class. The almighty Seydlitz.

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 T ier IV HP A h ull 39400 HP HP B h ull 43570 HP Armor: 300mm main belt Böshung 50mm Armament: 5x2 28cm SK L50 echelon layout Reload: 22 secs Rotation speed 50 secs for 180 degrees Training arcs for main turrets A bow centerline turret 201º -150º B starboard wing turret 5º 180º and 235º -315º C Aft superfiring turret 35º 325º D Aft not superfiring turret 35º 325º E Port wing turret 55º -130º y 180º -360º Range GFCS 1 14500m GFCS 2 17100m Secondary guns: Casco A 12x1 150mm 6x1 88mm Casco B 12x1 150mm 4x2 105mm AA A hull 2x1 88mm MPL C/13 B hull 4x2 105mm Dopp 31 ( Konig upgraded heavy DP guns) 4x2 37mm SK C/30 6x2 20mm Flak 38 Speed Engine 1 25 kts Engine 2 28 kts Turning circle 620m A hull rudder shift 17,8 B rudder shift 12,8 Concealment from sea 14900m from air 8900m Consumables: Standard German BB 

PS: I will complete this thread during the throught of this week. It´s a lot of information.

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