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The CV changes/nerfs I’d like to see as a CV pilot.

WorldOfWarships2 - The CV changes/nerfs I'd like to see as a CV pilot.

So this Reddit is in hatelove with CVs and I've done my share of defending them, resulting in many downvotes. But I don't have a side and every change I have in mind is actually not favorable to CVs, so read on those that haven't already downvoted this :P.


Buffs to low tier AA


  • T3/T4 needs a complete AA pass, T5 is mostly ok but could use a look:

    There is no excuse for T3 having almost no AA getting matched into CVs and T4 could use a small AA bump across the board. The Yubari specifically may need a touch better medium/long AA auras. It's sold as a strong AA ship and while it's short range aura is murder, T4 CVs don't worry about losing planes that much so "you'll pay for this strike in planes because of my strong short range aura" really just doesn't work outside of niche situations.

    T5 AA is when the general levels of AA start to be what I feel they should be for low tier. It's enough to matter, ranges (for the most part) are good, and there are a decent number of good AA ships that will punish CVs. Ranges should prolly still be looked at that as well and individual AA balance since they will face T4s with super fast plane regen or T6s that are uptiered on them and sturdier than normal.


  • Low Tier BBs need specific attention in regards to AA:

    Low tier BBs across the board seem to be capped at mid range AA for the most part. I think being capped at mid range AA is fine for weak AA ships but all other BBs should get long range auras starting at T3. Right now low tier BBs are just target practice for CVs until T5 where long range auras start.

    The Texas is an interesting case and I'm split on it. On one hand the Texas really can munch planes but on the other hand that range limitation is still felt so while it can protect itself it can't do anything for even close by allies. I feel like it should be much more popular than it is in the current CV rich world but instead it's player numbers have actually fallen. It might be in need of a touch of love.


  • All short range AA only ships should be given mid range AA aura, even if it's weak DPS with only 1 flak puff:

    Short range only is pointless, especially in T4/T5 specifically where T4 CVs regen planes fast and T6 CVs are uptiered on you. Even if those ships are statistically performing fine it really does make you feel helpless when you've only got a short range aura. Mid range at least lets you feel like you can participate and help in the AA game a little and maybe even equip that AA module for 2 more flak puffs.

    The Podvoisky is a great example for what I feel the weakest level AA ship should feel close to. It's AA is only mid range and it's not fantastic but it's still worth using and it's a strong enough ship outside of that AA weakness to still be worthwhile to play.



Buffs to Catapult and CV Fighters


  • Catapult fighters need need to be better:

    Specifically catapult fighters need to engage more swiftly and reliably when you enter their 3km range. I think needing to deploy them early is fine, albeit players need to be informed of how early they should deploy them (you need to deploy them when enemy planes are like 5km away).


  • Buff Direction Center for Fighters slightly:

    Add an effect to it that increases the duration for fighters and spotter planes by 10%, for fighters this means 6 more seconds of your fighters being around and 10 more seconds of spotter plane being around.


  • CV fighters need to be able to be placed at range:

    Right now you have to fly your planes right over where you want to place them to use them and this is the main reason CV fighters are pretty bad at protecting allies atm. Its almost impossible to protect allies on purpose unless you accidentally happen to be in the area or unless there is a target you know for sure they will attack. This is the main reason fighters often get used for spotting. Using them to defend allies is so difficult and unreliable that it's often not worth trying outside of niche scenarios.

    Let us place them within 5km mouse aim is, let us aim at allied ships and tether the fighter squad to them from a distance, let use place them via map, SOMETHING. I WANT to give allies fighter coverage but the current method of placing them is so limited that it takes that off the table as an option most of the time.


  • Fighters should not time out while engaged on enemy planes:

    Pretty simple but if catapult or CV fighters engage on enemy planes they should not time out and disappear until after they are done pursuing or killing those planes. This is extremely frustrating for catapult fighters specifically when your planes go to engage and then time out and return to your ship instead.


  • Give T4 CV back it's fighter consumables:

    I don't see any reason that T4 CV can't get back their fighter consumables. With the amount of grind you have to spend on T4 to get to T6 you have plenty of time to learn the ropes and T4 are the slowest and, for most, the dullest CVs out there. Give them back their fighter consumables so they have more to do and can help protect allies as well.




AA Sectoring Changes

  • Lower sector switch times for Cruisers and Battleships:

    Right now DD sector switch feels responsive and quick, especially with the Manual AA skill. However Cruisers and Battleships sector switch speeds feel too slow for the speed of aircraft even after practicing and getting good at switching and predicting. I think the sector switch times should be lowered to 8/10 seconds baseline from the current 10/12 seconds. This means adding manual AA would make the switch times be down to 6.4/8 after implementing this change.


  • Let players keybind port/starboard/nuetral for sector switching:

    The current UI is usable but a bit cumbersome. Being able to bind a few keys would make this much easier. Not much else to say here, this one is pretty simple.


  • Let CVs switch their sector while controlling planes:

    I'm ok with using autopilot primarily (except when getting close to islands, that needs to be fixed), but I really wish I could AA sector my carrier with squadron selected. It's not like the sector key is used for anything so this functionality should be added. I'm already sector'd most of the time on my CV as is, so this is more QOL than anything. It impacts my ability to cover allies with my AA way more than it impacts my ability to defend myself.



HE Bombs and Tiny Tims nerfs:


  • Lower HE bomber damage a little only vs DDs:

    HE bombs are still a bit too good vs DDs but they are not overperforming vs other ship classes. I believe that the damage HE bombs can do to DDs should be adjusted to be a little lower. Good CV pilots can pretty reliably hit DDs. This creates an issue where you can deal heavy damage to a DD with HE bombs rather reliably and HE bombs are still pretty good vs all other ship types. Midway can also follow the bombs up immediately with good rocket planes if needed as well. It's just a little too much power vs DDs and you can delete them a little too easily with HE bombs and rockets as a fallback to finish off if needed.

    I don't think it needs to be a drastic change, I think being able to hit DDs with HE bombs is a good thing, the damage is just a little too much right now.


  • Tiny Tims need to be slightly more specialized:

    Right now I don't think HVAR is bad, but rather Tiny Tims are too good. Tims are good vs heavy armor and still ok vs everything else while HVAR is really good vs weak armor and junk any anything with armor. Tiny Tims likely need to be dialed back a little for DDs and paper cruisers.

    I'd like to see them be a bit more specialized and less good vs light armor so you'd have to choose between doing great against light armor with rockets (HVAR) or doing good against heavy armor with rockets (Tiny Tims). Considering that you always have HE bombs as a fallback, this doesn't seem like that punishing of a choice to have to make.



Other stuff:

  • Reduce the AA DPS differential between tiers a bit:

    Right now low tier ships can barely touch planes and high tier ships obliterate them. I'm ok with tiers mattering but the difference is a bit too extreme atm. It's very easy to feel helpless as the surface ship or CV when on the wrong side of this. Reduce the difference by like 30% to give the downtiered side a fighting chance, the difference in tier when it comes to plane and AA feels alot more than the difference in tiers in regards to everything else atm.


  • Stop the spawning ships in isolated locations:

    I'm actually ok with the early game CV plane rush and I don't think delaying it 60 seconds would make much practical difference. However the spawning alorithm needs some work. Right now it often spawns 1-3 ships seperated from the team and this makes them often get focused by CVs. That's not a CV problem, that's a spawning problem. This needs to be fixed so that people are never spawned quite so isolated.


  • Exp/Credit rewards for plane damage/kills should mirror how ship damage/kill rewards work:

    If you damage planes, you should get exp/credits for it. Killing planes should give more. Since planes work a little differently I think the total experience/credits should be more heavily weighted towards killing the planes, but you should still get exp/credits for damaging them too. I think this change alone with help perception of damaging and shooting down planes alot.


  • Clear skies and Liquidator ribbons needs adjustment as soon as possible:

    I understand data driven approaches are slow and the stats keep evolving, but these really do need to be fixed as soon as possible. Clear Skies should factor in both damage and plane kills so that people kill stealing the planes you heavily damage can't screw you out of getting the ribbon. Either that or Clear Skies should be the equivalent of Kraken and you should add a Confederate/High Calbur equivalent for planes on top of Clear Skies.

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