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The game was clearly telling me to go to bed last night.

WorldOfWarships5 - The game was clearly telling me to go to bed last night.

After having some good games earlier in the day I logged in last night to get a few more in. My first game was in Henri IV, my current WoWs love as well as the ship I perform the best in, and I'm a big fan of using her in a 'recon by force' role. I figure any early damage I take by being the first spotted is only going to get my AR bonus going that much faster. I take a random citadel hit and some white damage from 20km out; not really a big deal but it does drop me to below the 70% threshold. Sure enough I get detonated by the next salvo coming my way. That's fine, I hadn't had that happen in awhile and I know the risks of playing HIV with its legendary mod and of going by my "always be firing" doctrine.

For the next game I thought I'd try out my Gneisenau IFHE secondary meme build; stupid but also stupidly fun. There's an enemy Lexi rocking AP bombs though and I think you can guess who her first target of the game was.


Back to the port screen for this guy.

Okay, let's take out that Jean Bart that I finally decided to drop coal on. Another CV match and I've only got a destroyer around me at the beginning of the match. I make the mistake of trying to support him (but not close enough so that he's spotted by the CV, that'd be a d*ck move). I am, of course that CV player's first target as well. I shot down a lot of planes (Jean Bart AA is indeed nasty) but not enough to not take critical damage and get burnt out by a few HE volleys after the CV strike retreats.

Okay WoWs, I got it, it was way past my bed time. So away to bed I went.

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