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The Ghost Error Bot Hakuryu.

WorldOfWarships1 - The Ghost Error Bot Hakuryu.

Have you ever heard of the rumor -149_. Player/Bot Who Have been seen by few people and one of them is me?

This bot/player, strikes fear,confusion, and curiosity into the players that enters its match.

It comes when matchmaking is quite short on players

For ex. 7 vs 7 random matches format.(It mostly occurs on Tier IX matches.)(I was on my musashi that match)

The match starts off weirdly, like something is off or bugged

The map is quite bugged too as if it was modded or something… its still the regular map no added features or anything but something was way off it.

The Ghost Bot Hakuryu does show up its planes but it doesnt attack, it just stalks its prey bringing confusion to the enemy player. The way it moves it planes its like a player is controlling them, but heres the catch. If you were to bring your chat log(well me since my chat is always off, since theres alot of cancerous players out there so i always turn it off,but it doesn’t affect my teamwork capabilities though. Thanks to radio signals.But i got creeped out as hell so i tried talking to my teammates but was shocked because when i first opened it, it was clogged by error codes. And my teammates were freaking the hell out.) it starts typing out weird error codes of somesorts until the match ends, its carrier movements were predictable like a bot but its planes were moving like a player is controlling them…

The match seems like its longer than a regular matches, as if it was going on a loophole. Though after for like 45 minutes it ended on a draw… I was sure that we had more points since we annihilated the bots and the only left was the Ghost Bot/Player Hakuryu. I was curious same with my teammates,so we decided to not sink the Cv. And mess with it. Though we were creeped out as hell because of the things that its typing in chat.

There were no divisions on that match we were all strangers there but because of this we had added each other and set-up a group channel chat.


The Ghost bot Hakuryu can be found on midnights, or so it would seem. Its most often accompanied by bots as it would seem, (i have only seen it once but some players reports that it was always accompanied by bots)mostly since theres few players that play at midnights.

It was quite a scary,weird experience i dunno if some admin/staff member of wg were messing with us or just a unannounced bug of some sorts. We tried finding it again over and over every midnights but to no avail. (Since matches of 7 vs 7 format in random battles are quite rare)We couldn’t have the chance to find it again. Tbh its a pain in the ass trying to go over and over again just to have that 7 vs 7 format of random battle but its just so rare that we couldn’t Have a match like that again… Though its very interesting, and sparked our curiosity. Still quite a mysterious and frightening experience i should say…

I know Ghost Ships exists in the game, and i have posted one of them here.but this … is far more creepy than i could ever imagine, if you were to see this Player please send a screenshot, and report. I doubt it is a player since a you could not get weird characters as names but this bot/player has it.

i could not take a screenshot at that time since i was intrigued as hell and forgot to.

Anyways, please try to hunt this player/bot down if you were playing at midnight. Send screenshot,report, and investigate if you have the time. But please be aware that this might be a hacker and giving your personal data might be used/hacked. I suggest that take precautionary measures when trying to have a conversation with this bot/player. Though it doesnt reply but it might read your texts/information. So please dont mention any locations/whereabouts that correlates with you.

Im just sharing my experience, please dont assume any conspiracies or any harmful intent.

Its just a mere sharing experience, thank you.

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